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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 2 - Episode 74
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We buried our friends in Lucy castle and then we prepare for our final battle with my family, that night we rest in her castle and fight each other, even with their strength no one can still pull me down because of my strength, I wasn’t even using my full strength oh, only Lucy came close.

The next morning we took our things and enter the ship, we don’t know where we are going but my guts keep telling me we are going to the right direction, Olokun said we should follow the wave to the mountain through the sea, so that’s what we are doing.

After two days of cycling round the sea with no result I decided to sleep, that’s when I saw her in my dream, my loving Lizzy.
I woke up in a mountain full of rock, a very high mountain and when I woke up in front of me I saw something shinning like star, I stood up and walk to the place where the bright light is coming from, and there at the edge of the mountain I saw Lizzy standing and wearing a white linen, she was looking down the mountain and when I called her
“Lizzy” she turn and face me with tears in her eyes, she was crying and I don’t know why.

“Lizzy” I said again.
This time she open her mouth to speak.
“ my star what is taking you so long for you to find me? Have I not suffered enough in their hands? Am not even hurt with what they are doing to me but what hurt most is that for how long now my love has not rescued me from them, is it after they kill our baby you will come, please come we don’t have time, after they kill me they will dispose me because it’s the baby they need, I can’t afford to lose everything and still lose our baby, please come” she said amidst tears.
I started crying too, I open my mouth and told her the truth.

“my love am sorry, am doing everything in my power to find you, I had to bring back Queen Olokun because of you, I had to accept the devil’s offer because of you, please my baby hold on a little longer, I will find you I promise.”

I started walking closer to her but the more I get closer the more she fades away like a star.
“ please don’t go, tell me how to find you” I said crying and struggling to touch her hand before she vanish.

“ find this place” that was the last word she said before she vanish away from my site, as I stand there gazing at the sky the mountain started falling, everywhere crash and rocks crash on my body, I screamed and rise up from my sleep, immediately I wake up I run to my people and told tera to turn the ship.

“Why” Lucy and Tera questioned.
“ because I know where they are” I said.

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