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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 2 - Episode 75
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There is one place called the mountain of owl, the mountain is very tall in underworld, the mountain border the two community, Ogute and Evbiamen in underworld but in real life everything is just normal you won’t even know there is a mountain there, but after the destruction everything change, the mountain grow bigger like how a new born baby grow within four years, the mountain is a sacred one which some spirits use as sacrifice, when you climb the mountain you can almost touch the clouds, that’s where Eve and her mom are hiding.

“So now that we know where they are, we need an elements of surprise” said Tera.
“That is if they don’t already know we are coming and if Lizzy is not leading us to a trap”

Lucy added.
“It can’t be a trap, I trust her” I said.
“Remember she is still under their spell, so don’t be blinded by love and lead us to our death” Lucy said.

She’s right, Lizzy is still under their spell and I can’t afford to lose anybody else, I think they should remain in the ship while I go and check it out, that’s what I will do when I get there.

After eight hours we get to the mountain but we didn’t go further, we just stop close to it so not to raise suspicion, we gather together and started planning how to attack, few minutes our ship started sinking and then my people started falling of the ship while I hold the part of the deck very well, I open my wings and fly to the sky and when I look down I saw a big sea creature with teeth’s very long like sword, the creature opened its mouth making all the waters to go inside it’s tummy including everything inside the water, how can I save my people from this creature now and the ship is almost close to the mouth of this monster, I summon energy from my body and fire run out of my body and I point it straight to the creature, as the fire flies to hit the creature the creature brought out water from its mouth to quench the fire, the water even throw me off balance to a far location, while my friends started diving inside the water as the ship enter the creature mouth.

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