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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 2 - Episode 77
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As the wood we beckon on float on the water they all get ready to be transported to the other side of the sea by me, I didn’t see it as big deal anyway so I agree without thinking, the first person I will carry is one of my men, he is very good with water so even if he fall he can swim to protect himself, I don’t know why Lucy can’t fly like her sister Luciana. (Even Luciana told me she can fly I wonder what happened to her wings)

I jump to the sky and spread my wings, I told him to wait while I return with a full speed, I fly to the sky and started coming back with a full speed, like a hawk looking for a chick, I fly pass them carrying the guy with full speed and even everybody fall on the water because of the speed, I swing my wings to the sky again while I use my hand to hold my guy very tight, I fly pass the part where the monster destroyed our ship what surprise me is that there is no sign of the monster there again, or maybe the monster is no longer there, I fly to the bottom of the hot mountain (hot like oven) and drop the guy, I return to the sea and started transporting them one by one, after I finish transporting them and it remain only Tera I told her I want to rest a bit before I continue, after five minutes rest I took her and fly to the mountain and when I drop her I look around searching for my friends.

“Where are they?” Tera ask.
“I don’t know I drop them here” I said.
“Then where are they now?” she ask again.
I walk to the place where I drop them and saw glimpse of blood there, we started tracing the blood to one dark corner inside the mountain and as our sight started failing us because of the darkness, I change my right hand to fire and everywhere started shining again. We continue tracing the blood to one dark room, when we reach the end of the room and saw no sign of them we turn back, as I take a step back something like water drop on my body, I forward my hand up and saw one of my men hang with a rope and when I look further I saw the others tied with rope with their mouth covered with black cloth

“Holy s--t” said Tera.

The part where we came from blast like an explosion, the blast caused some rocks to fall blocking the way we came from, trapping us inside the room with no way out, I change to beast and fly to the top, I cut the rope they used in tying my friends including the dead one, I change to human back and we removed the cover from their mouth and they cough out seriously.
“It was Eve” said Lucy.

And then immediately she said that we started hearing laughter from afar and yes I recognized the voice to be that of Eve.

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