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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 79
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“Well dad, I just came for my promise remember you told me when mum graduates. So please
give it already” he shrugged.
Paul shook his head.

“Spoiled boy it’s your mother’s graduation and not yours. Anyway since you made me proud by
passing number one I am keep my promise.
Here, go and open the garrage you will find your new bicycle there” Paul told his son, as Maria
watched in silence shaking her head.
The boy stormed outside.

“Now where were we?” Paul sighed looking at Maria.
She shook her head smiling,
” I don’t like where this is going, shall we take it to the bedroom” she laughed pulling him.

“Well I didn’t think of that, now that you have mentioned it, I think it’s a good idea that we continue
this celebration in style” he smiled holding Maria’s shoulders as she lead him to their bedroom.

A week later, Musonda and his fiance, Paul and Maria had a joint wedding. It was a colourful event
and every one wore smiles on their faces. A sign of happiness surrounding them as they danced.

The soft coctail music played as the couples danceed holding each other. .
“can I have her last dance?” Musonda asked Paul smiling giving his own wife to dance with Paul..

“Well you deserve it my friend. Careful am watching though,” he teased as he moved to hold
Musonda’s beautiful wife.
“You are a lucky woman” he whispered to her.

“I know Musonda is the greatest of all men I have come to know. Keep him happy will you?” He
smiled at her.

Maria looked at Musonda for a minute without a word as they danced.

“I love your perfume” she whispered.
“I always did. You smell so good” she laughed.

“What? You are crazy?” Musonda chuckled.
“Admit it already am a charmer” he teased as they danced.

“Well, what can i say. Am very happy that my guardian angel found love again and I pray that
woman there will fill every gap that I couldn’t fill in your life Musonda. You amongst these other
great people here, Margret and her family, my grand father, that crazy woman Doro who I think
God has changed and she’s now full time house wife,” Maria added with a laugh.
“You made my life worthy while.
Thank you so much” she smiled.
Musonda sighed,
” you know what? I still love you and now I love you more that you have accomplished part of your

Be happy Maria, live to the fullest and do the things that matters the most in your life. You have a
good man for a husband and am sure from now onwards you two will fly higher together because
you have passed through the harsh realities and that made you who you are today, a degree
holder and a wonderful wife and mother as well as friend” he smiled.
“I want you to know that whatever you do I will support you till the end.
And don’t tell my wife this, ” he teased leaning close to whisper in her ears,
” you are a better kisser than she is.”
“What?” Maria let a laugh.

“Go on to your wife you jerk!” she teased letting go of his hand as she went back to her husband.

The celebrations ended well and the two couples flew out for some honeymoon.

4 years later.

Maria and Paul had 2 more children after her graduation. She was teaching at one of the high
schools in Lusaka and she and her husband put up a project together and built an ophanage.

With the help of some donars Maria was able to capture a lot of street kids and helped them with shelter and education facilities.
She one day stood to give a speech at one of the fundraising ventures for the ophanage. Her
husband Paul seated in the front row with their three children smiling.

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