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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 80
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She cleared her throat as she begun.

“You know, I really don’t know where to begin from. You people gathered here today have no idea
how over joyed I am to see this dream come true.

I was once like you,” she said looking at the direction of the street kids. Who somehow looked at
her appearances and from the way they saw her coming to the ophanage driving a very
expensive vehicle, wondered how possible a woman like her would say she was once like them.

“Oh yeah” Maria smiled at them,
” I also once slept under the bridge and in the street corridors of Lusaka, I spent 5 years of my life
on the streets, hungry, without proper clothing, feeling the harsh winter winds on my skin till my
body could not shake anymore. My hope lost. I as once insulted and spat at because some people
thought I was not worthy of anything.”
Maria spoke wiping a tear from her face.

“I want you today to know that everything is possible with God, no man can define who you
decide to become in life. God has seen me through the CHANGING TIDES of my life and he took
me through them all so that he can perfect what I have become today. I believe he can do the
same for you all.

I thank God he directed my life towards some great people,” she said looking at Margret and Jake
seated and smiling at her.

“Great friends” she looked at Musonda and Doro,
“Great family” she said looking at her grand father, Tasha and other members of the family that
were present.

“And above all my very own great husband who I call my superman” she smiled tears falling her


“My children who are a blessing I would never cease to thank God for. Thank you all for being
there for me in the most strong and fierce tides and for making me see the light at the end of the
tunnel. I love you all so very much God knows I always pray for you to prosper and see his glory.”

“I wish to add special thanks to my husband Paul, honey, I would have not been here without you.

You are my inspiration and thank you for giving so much to help me realise this dream. I love you
so much you are my whole, I don’t know where I could be without you picking me out of all the
women in this world” maria cried as people stood to cheer her up.

“Thank you so much” she whispered..

Paul walked and held his crying wife.

“I love you more my love. That was great” he whispered kissing and wiping her tears of joy “Thank you all for coming and may those that are giving towards helping these children give
generously and only God will reward you for having a heart for them…” Paul spoke in the Mic to
conclude the speech.

“Come on now my love, from now on let’s pray God will make us ready to enjoy the coming tides
for I can feel it and I know they are indeed packed with so many wonderful things to come …” Paul
told his wife.

“Yeah, I feel them too” Maria smiled at her husband and indicated her kids to go to them as the
family hugged smiling.

Maria looked up the sky and smiled widely
“thank you Jesus!” she whispered.

……… The end………..

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