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The Complete Woman - Season 1 - Episode 10
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As I la!d down to sleep, my phone rang. I didnt want to pick but the phone just won’t stop and so I picked it and it was a strange number.

Me: Hello,

Caller: Hello dear, its me.

The first thing on my mind when I heard Isaiah’s voice was to scream at him and scold him and accuse him of all the things he’s been doing and the way he’s been treating me. But surprisingly I was calm.

Me: Isaiah, why? Why ”I asked amidst the hot tears that fell from my eyes” why are you making me shed tears on the eve of our wedding, Isaiah why?

Isaiah: Baby am so sorry, it was not my intention to do that and I dont even know or understand why I did those things. Am so sorry I hurt you dear , please forgive me.

Me: where are you? Is there going to be a wedding tomorrow?

Isaiah: Definitely honey, there is going to be a wedding. No matter what the devil has tried, there is going to be a wedding. Its you I love and its you I choose.

Me: I love you too dear, just come to me.

Isaiah: I am running to you baby. Just dont stop praying for me.

Me. I won’t dear.

I ended the call and I was happy, I felt at peace. My Isaiah had not spoken to me like this in a long while. Part of me wanted to be glad that I made that threat of no wedding tomorrow. But another part quickly reminded me that it was God in action. Then I knelt down and I gave him thanks. Tomorrow I will be married to the man I love.

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