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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I left the restaurant and went
over to where’d parked my car
before the waiter transfer his
aggression on me.I was driving
along a lonely road so i drove
slowly,i was laughing at the
thought of what happened
earlier at the restaurant.Then
suddenly someone ran infront of
my car,I shone my car’s headlight
on the figure to see who it was
and saw that it was the same
lady from the restaurant,luckily i
wasn’t speeding otherwise i
would have ran her over.She still
had that bottle of wine in her
hand and was using her other
hand to shield her face from the
bright light,so i dimmed the light
and parked beside her.

“Hey some guys are chasing me,i
think they are armed robbers.Can
you please give me a ride?.”

I looked around and saw no one
who could be chasing her.I had
doubts about giving her a lift
after the restaurant incident,But
maybe it was her gorgeousness
or maybe it was the coffee that
made me gave her a lift.Let’s just
blame it on the coffee.
“So where to?.”
I asked.
“That way.”

At a closer look,I knew i was
wrong about her beauty,she
wasn’t an angel but a goddess.

“Drive faster so those guys won’t
catch up with us.”

“I am driving fast.As a matter of
fact am driving my fastest.”
She looked at the metre and saw

“Dude you must be kidding me
60km/h.That’s your fastest?.”
“What would you rather

“I say we get things moving with
a little 120km/h.”
“Whoa 120?.No way that’s
double my highest speed.”
“Yeah but that will get us to our
destination in time.”
“Well sure it will if our
destination were to be heaven.”
“Urgh you are impossible,you
know what just forget it.”

There was a bit of a silence as
neither of us spoke to the
other.A few minutes later she
broke the silence by offering me
some wine,which i politely

“Are you mad at me?.”
“No i’m not.”
“Then have some.”

Just to show her i wasn’t angry i
decided to drink a little.She
placed the bottle on my mouth
and i opened my mouth telling
her to pour little.She nodded and
brought the bottle to my mouth
she poured nearly the whole
thing in my mouth,which i

I tried burpin the whole thing
out but it was too late.I looked at
her and she was laughing,then i
started feeling weird i parked
and came down from the car to
get some fresh air.

“Come on in,before those guys
catch up.”

“Let them catch up i’ll gladly hand
you over to them.”

“You fool do you think they’ll rob
me and just leave you alone,Am
sure they’ll use your car as their
getaway ride.”

On hearing that i jumped back
inside and drove off.But the wine
started taking it’s toll on me,i
was acting weirder and weirder.

“To tell the truth no one was
chasing me.I just needed a free

“I know.”
“You knew,then why did you still
agree to give me a ride.”
“Who wouldn’t,i mean take a
look at yourself.”

I was really under the influence
of alcohol but i was speaking the

“(Smiles)well am flattered.”
I kept on driving and singing and
started singing twinkle little
stars,she was laughing as she
sang along.We were both having
fun and acting crazy,mine was
under the influence of alcohol am
not sure about her but she looks
drunk.Later on i switched to
another nursery rhymes.

“Row row row your boat gently
down the stream.”

“Merrily merrily merrily this is
where i live.”

I parked and she got down.
“So do you live alone?.”
“No i live with my boyfriend.”
“Oh i guess there’s no chance for

Did i just say that?
“(Laughs)Time will tell.”
“So what else can i call you
besides gorgeous.”

What’s wrong with me.It must be
the alcohol i had.

“Wow you are a lot more cooler
when you are drunk.”
“Well am full of surprises.”
“I don’t usually tell my name to
strangers but yours might be an

She brought a coin out of her

“Wanna try your luck?.Heads or
“People do say am a very lucky

She tossed the coin and caught

“Look it’s tails.I guess this isn’t
your lucky day.”

I looked at the coin in

“Well i should atleast tell you my
name.It’s Jefferson..An.”
“Anthony Jefferson.”
“Wait how did you know.”
She smiled and walked away.
“Goodbye Anthony Jefferson.”
She enters the house.

“Goodbye strange girl.”I said to

As i drove off i knew i was going
to see her again.

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