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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 102
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Lucy walked up to her boyfriend Logan who was preparing to set out with Simon and the rest of the team. Logan was positioned as a spy at The Razor club a few months ago and he had managed to obtain a flash-drive which had information about all the gangs terrorizing the city and their sponsors. The encrypted flash-drive was stolen from Simon’s office the following day, before they could crack its code and get any valuable information. The chief; Scott Norris was very furious at Simon for his carelessness and negligence but now Simon had managed to get some information about Bob Goatee’s whereabouts and he was hoping to redeem himself by arresting Bob today. Logan was just preparing to set out with Simon to Bob’s supposed hideout when Lucy arrived.

“Hey damsel, how goes it?” Logan greeted.
Lucy smiled at his greeting and then she asked. “Getting ready?”

“Yeah, you are coming right?” Logan asked in reply.

“About that,” Lucy began nervously, unsure of how to put her words.

“What’s wrong? Tell me.” Logan asked with concern.

“Well, I spoke with Detective Lance yesterday and he feels that Bob will not be at the house, he says Bob will be making his way to the docks to sail away from the city.”

Logan hissed silently as he heard the name Lance, he hasn’t been very acquainted with the man since he got back but he has heard a lot of things about him from Simon and they weren’t very good. Simon said he’s a very greedy and egoistical man with no respect for the rules.

Which makes Logan wonder why his girlfriend will be chatting with a man like him; perhaps it’s because of his good looks he wondered.

“What do you think Logan?” Lucy asks.
“Come on Lucy don’t tell me you believe him, don’t tell me you’d pick his words over Simon’s.” Logan says.

“I know but Lance found Bob once and if he happens to be right about Bob fleeing the city we may never catch him again. So I was thinking maybe we should split the team up and you and I should head to the docks….” Lucy was saying.

“We are not splitting the team Lucy,” Logan cuts in. “If Simon says Bob is going to be at the house then I’m sure that’s where he’ll be, the detective might have been right once but
Simon has been right on several occasion, don’t let your feelings for the detective becloud your reasoning.”

Lucy was clearly annoyed by this and frowned at Logan. “You think I love him?”

“Don’t get me wrong, that’s not what I’m saying.” Logan tried to explain but Lucy won’t have any of it.

“You know what? I don’t care what you or anyone thinks but I’ll not sit around while a criminal escapes this city. I’m heading to the docks to catch Bob Goatee and I’ll leave you to make your own decisions.” Lucy says angrily.
“Stop been childish Lucy, come back.” Logan pleaded but Lucy did not listen as she stormed off.
“What’s going on?” Simon asked as he enters the room few minutes later with Jack and Joe. “Where’s Lucy?”

“She’s not coming.” Logan says.
“I always knew that b---h was a spineless turkey.” Joe snorts and Jack chuckled.
“Watch your tongue Joe.” Logan cautioned.
“Did she give any reason?” Simon asked.
“She said the detective thinks Bob will be at the docks instead, of course I tried to persuade her otherwise but it seems her mind was set.” Logan says.

“That s--t is crazy for the detective.” Joe says insulting Lucy once again but this time Logan got really angry that he struck at Joe’s neck before proceeding to tackle him to the ground pummeling him with his fists. Jack tried to separate the duo but to no effect.

“That’s enough!” Simon yelled, Logan stopped and got back on his feet. “Fighting in my presence? What has come over you Logan?”
“I’m sorry.” Logan apologized.

“And you Joe be mindful of what you say, Lucy is still a member of this team after all.” Simon says to Joe who now had a swollen lip and a bloodied nose.

“Sorry.” Joe says wiping his nose with a handkerchief.

“I’m worried about Lucy sir, what if Bob truly is at the docks she’ll be in great danger if she faces him alone.” Logan says.

“Do you doubt me as well?” Simon asked.
“No sir, but just in case….”

“I am a hundred percent sure that Bob will be at the hideout, Lance is just trying to trick us so that he can have all the credits for himself.” Simon says. “Trust me Logan there’s no crime going on at the docks.”

“Alright.” Logan says although he was still worried about Lucy.

“Now let’s go, we’ve wasted enough time.” Simon says.

(Agent X hideout)
Agent X was sitting on a chair having a conversation on the phone when one of his goons came in.

“Sir, you have a visitor.” The goon says.
“I’ll call you back,” Agent X says breaking his call. “Who is it?” He asked the goon.

“It’s the chief sir; he has brought the flash-drive.”

“Good,” Agent X says and although the goon couldn’t see his face through the mask he wore, he could tell that his boss had a smile on his face. “Let him in.”

The goon left the room and the door swing open as the chief; Scott Norris enters.

“Hope no one followed you here?” Agent X asked as Scott approached him.

“Of course not, I was extra cautious.” Scott says approaching Agent X.

“Where is it?” Agent X asked stretching his right hand forward.

“You have no idea how hard it was to get this from Simon’s office.” The chief says as he placed the flash-drive in Agent X outstretched hand.

“Hey you!” Agent X called out to one of his men who rushed over almost immediately. Agent X handed him the flash-drive. “Go and burn this flash-drive immediately and bring me the ashes.”

“Yes sir.” The goon says.
Scott smiled and sighed heavily with relieve finally the evidence would be destroyed, he almost had a heart attack when Logan came in with the flash-drive but thank god it was password encrypted and they couldn’t crack it immediately given him the opportunity to steal it from Simon’s office. He had thought for sure that their secret was going to be revealed.
“That was a close shave.” Scott says to himself.

“Hold on a minute.” Agent X says to the goon who was just about to leave to carry out his assignment. “Let me have a look at that.”
“What? Why?” Scott asked not happy that the drive’s destruction was been delayed, he would have destroyed it himself if the bosses hadn’t insisted that he brought it to Agent X first.
“I need to make sure that it’s the real stuff.” Agent X says.

“What? You think I’ll bring you a fake drive?” Scott asks in disbelieve.

“No offence chief, but I don’t trust anyone not even myself.” Agent X says and then he inserted the flash-drive on his PC.

“That’s weird it didn’t ask for a password.” Scott says with a shocking expression on his face.
Agent X opened the file that it entails and a black screen appears. Scott Norris was feeling very hot now and was sweating profusely.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Agent X yelled angrily.

“I—I don’t know.” Scott says nervously but then a letter starts appearing on the screen, at first faintly but the wording grew bolder and bolder. “What’s that?” Scott asks pointing at the screen.

Agent X stared at the now clearly visible letter. “L!” He exclaimed.
“L? For what?” Scott asked anxiously.
“Lance!!!” Agent X exclaimed in anger and then an explosion rocked the building.

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