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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 103
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“Ralph!” Agent X yelled. Ralph rushed in with eight guys armed with guns. “What was that?”
“Sounds like it came from upstairs.” Ralph answered.

“It seems our old friend has showed up here, be sure to give him a warm welcome.” Agent X said.

Ralph grinned sheepishly and nodded. He motioned to the goons to follow him as they head upstairs.

“What’s going on?” The chief asked in fright.
“Keep calm, there’s nothing to worry about.” Agent X says, reclining in his chair. ‘Welcome Lance time for us to end this once and for all.’ Agent X says to himself.

Once Ralph and the goons got upstairs the whole place had been wrecked and the guards were all lying on the floor some were wounded others were lifeless.

“What in the world.” Ralph exclaimed in shock, he noticed that someone blew a hole through the wall and caught the guards off guard.

Then came another explosion blowing off another part of the wall and five goons got caught in the explosion as the whole room was now engulf in smoke.

Ralph squinted his one good eye to see through the smokes but still he couldn’t see clearly and then a bullet was fired taking out one of the goons, then another bullet takes out another and then the third goon also gets knocked out. Now Ralph was the only one left standing trying to make out where the shots were coming from.
“Show yourself.” Ralph yelled.
“You were there that night Ralph and you watched her dying after your boss shot her and you laughed, which was why I took your eye as revenge.”
“Show yourself coward.” Ralph yelled as he fired some shots towards where he thought the voice was coming from but no one was there.

“And what would you do when you see me Ralph?”
“I’ll send you to hell.” Ralph threatened.
Lance laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself Ralph, you’d need an army of twenty more guys like yourself and even then you still can’t beat me.”

Then Lance jumped up on Ralph from behind, Ralph turned around immediately with his gun but Lance knocked it away from him before he could pull the trigger. Ralph stepped backwards a little and then he pulled his knifes.

“Oh knifes, shiny.” Lance says with a smile.
Now wielding a knife in each hand Ralph attacked Lance, he tried to slice Lance in the throat but Lance dodged, Ralph aimed low for his ribs but Lance nimbly avoided yet again. Ralph twirled the knifes switching them between hands and executed some quick strikes at Lance but Lance avoided all and caught his hand when he tried to stab Lance in the face.

“I can tell your every move my friend. Your eyes give them away.” Lance says with a smile and then he released Ralph. “Tell me where Agent X is and I promise I’ll make it fast but painful.”
Ralph groaned and launched himself at Lance aiming to stab his heart. Lance side stepped him and twisted Ralph’s arm sideward forcing the knife through Ralph’s rib cage, Ralph gasped in pain and tried to stab Lance with the other knife but Lance wrestled the knife away from him and stabbed him multiple times in quick succession.
Lance then swept his feet off the ground and pinned him to the floor. Ralph was now bleeding profusely from wounds all over his body.
“Where is Agent X? Is he upstairs or down stairs?” Lance asked.

Ralph scoffed and didn’t say a word but Lance stared into his eyes and smiled. “Downstairs, I see. Well, nice meeting you again Raphael. Goodbye.” Lance says and then he buried the knife into Ralph’s chest.

Lance got up and then he heads downstairs.
After searching through the house that Simon said Bob was going to be for several minutes to no avail. Logan spoke up. “There’s no one here.” He said.

“Relax Logan; perhaps if we wait a little longer we’ll….” Simon began finding it hard to admit that he was wrong.

“You were wrong sir,” Logan cuts in, feeling heartbroken. “Then that means Bob is probably at the docks like Lucy said. She’s in danger.” Logan says and then he rushed out of the building and the rest of the team followed reluctantly.

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