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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 104
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Jeff parked in front of Agent X’s hideout.
“This is the place?” Josh asked.
“Yeah.” Jeff says.
“Alright, let’s move in.” Josh says.

The two men stepped out of the car and headed towards the building.
“Did you hear that?” Jeff asked.
“I think it came from the trunk.” Jeff says.
“But the trunk is empty.” Josh says.
“Oh, I must be hearing things then.” Jeff says.
Josh smiled. “There’s no need for you to be scared, I’m right here.”
“I’m not scared; I swear I thought I heard something.” Jeff said.

“Alright, let’s just go in and stop wasting valuable time.” Josh says.

“Okay.” Jeff says he took one last glance towards the car’s trunk before turning back towards the building. He felt sure he heard a sound coming from the trunk.


“Welcome Lance,” Agent X said as Lance walks into the room. Lance glared at him without a word.

“Oh Lance thank god you’re here,” The chief began. “I was kidnapped while I was….” But Lance did not allow him to finish as he pulled his gun and shot him in the leg. “Aaargh.” The chief screamed in pain, wriggling on the floor whilst holding his leg.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to find me.” Agent X said.

“You were expecting me?” Lance scoffed. “I see, well I brought you a present.” Lance says and then he tossed a bomb at Agent X.

Agent X froze in fear as the bomb landed at his feet, he was expecting the bomb to go off but it didn’t, he looked back at Lance who was now holding a remote control in one hand while aiming his gun at him with the other.

“I saved the last one for you.” Lance says with a sneer. “Now before I flick this button and blow you up into bits, I need to know, why did she have to die? Why did you kill her?” Lance asked.

“She took a bullet for you.” Agent X says calmly.

“Cut the crap, I know killing her was your main objective that night that’s why you left once she got shot.” Lance says. “Tell me why you did it.” Lance yelled.

“You won’t believe me if I did.” Agent X says making a loud snort.
“Fine then, don’t tell me.” Lance says. “It doesn’t matter anyway because your explanation won’t bring her back.”
“Killing me won’t bring her back either.”

Agent X says.
“I made her a promise that I’ll make you pay for what you did and I’ll see it fulfilled.” Lance says.

“Please call an ambulance; I’m losing so much blood.” The chief pleaded whilst still lying on the floor.

“What are you waiting for then.” Agent X says to Lance. “Go ahead and kill me.”
“Where is Zach?” Lance asks.

“What if I tell you where he is? Will you spare me then?” Agent X asked in a mocking tone.
“No.” Lance shook his head. “Nothing is going to make me spare you today but I’m giving you a chance to do one good deed before you die.”

“One good deed?” Agent X yelled in disbelief. “I’ve done a lot of good deeds in my life and you my friend have also benefited from those good deeds.”

“What good deeds are you talking about?” Lance asked. “Killing my fiancée?”

“You still don’t get it,” Agent X says getting off his seat and lifting his mask. “Do you? Cursed boy.”

Lance was shocked to the bone marrow the moment he saw Agent X’s face, his shoulders drop and both the remote and the gun fell from his hands. He’d recognize that crescent shaped scar anywhere. “Stan!” He exclaimed.

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