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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 106
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Five men who were all dressed corporately were having a closed door meeting.

“You need to take it easy Christopher.” One of the men was saying to another trying to calm him down.

“You want me to calm down?” Christopher who seemed to be in a frantic state asked. “Not only was Agent X’s hideout blown up yesterday, ruining months of hard work and million dollars of investment, but the chief was also arrested. He’s been interrogated presently, what if he reveals the truth that he was working for us?” Christopher asked but he continued before anyone could reply. “I will not be going to jail; you can count on that because I’m leaving this city by tomorrow.”

“That is not the solution Chris.” Another man with a cross-eye says. “The chief is not going to reveal our secret that’s for sure; he knows the consequence of betrayal.”

The men continued arguing for a while until a man who seemed to be the oldest amongst them spoke up and they all fell silent. This man obviously commands respect. “We can all keep arguing about this all day and it would yield no result, our problem is not the hideout that was blown up, it’s not Scott who was arrested,” The man then turned on the television, the news was covering Lance’s speech at the conference that was held earlier that morning. “This man right here is our problem.” The man says pointing at the screen.

“Lance Elliot!” The cross-eyed man says with contempt.

“That egoistical detective.” Christopher says as he remembers how rude Lance was when they met during the conference.

Everyone seems to agree on this one that the detective was indeed the major problem.

“Did you just say that the criminals were been sponsored by the political big-wigs in this city?” The reporter could be heard asking Lance.

“You heard me right.” Lance replied.
“Do you have any evidence?” “Who are the main suspects?” The journalists were asking.
“All will be revealed in due time but one thing I can assure you is that none of them will go unpunished for their crimes.” Lance replied.

His word sends a cold chill down the spine of each of the men.

“Was there any reason why you had to blow Agent X up instead of arresting him and letting the law take its full course.” Another journalist asked.

“Well technically he blew himself up.” Lance answered.

The older man switched the TV off and turned his attention to his colleagues. “Lance Elliot claims to have evidence against us and he has promised to bring us all to book.” The man says.

“What do we do?” One of the men asked.
“Perhaps we should send someone to finish him off.” Christopher suggested.

“Of course we should,” The older man says. “But we can’t send just anyone, we need someone really tough.”

“But Agent X was the toughest guy in this city and we all saw what Lance did to him.” The cross-eyed man says.

“Yeah but there is someone even tougher.” The older guy says.

“Who?” One of the men asked.
“Rufus?” Christopher asked.
“We need someone tougher.” The fifth man who had remained silent spoke up..

“Tougher than Rufus?” Christopher asked almost in disbelief.

“Who do you have in mind Samuel?” The cross-eyed man asked.

Samuel looked into each of their eyes for a while with a crooked smile on his face. “Scar.” He says.

“Scar?” The men exclaimed in shock.
“No way, I am not in support of this.” Christopher says.

“Do you feel Scar won’t be capable?” Samuel asked.

“Oh I know he’s capable alright, as a matter of fact I know he’s more than capable but do we really wish to bring a man like Scar into this city, One of the world’s most notorious assassin?” Christopher asked. “Are we really that desperate?” He added.

“Christopher is right,” The cross-eyed man says. “That would be like fighting fire with an even bigger fire. Anyone could get burnt.”

“My point exactly.” Christopher says.
“Lance considers himself to be very tough and he’s presently calling our bluffs, we need someone who is tougher than him and Scar is just the guy.” The fourth man says siding with Samuel.

“Tough?” Christopher pipes in. “Scar is not just tough he’s dangerous, very very dangerous. We don’t have to take such a risk; we mustn’t forget why we started this.”
“Then will you rather sit back and wait for Lance to conclude his investigation and clamp us all down? No one as forgotten our mission but right now Lance is hindering that mission and we need to take him out of the picture and I’m sure we all agree that Scar is the man for the job.” Samuel says.

The older man who had been deep in thought finally spoke up. “Can we trust him?” He says directing his question to Samuel.

“As long as the money is right I can assure you that Scar will not step out of line.” Samuel says.
The older man sighed heavily and says silently. “Lance Elliot, you’ve brought this upon yourself.” He looked up to Samuel and says. “Call him.”

Scar smiled and nodded. “I’ll have him here by tomorrow.”

“I don’t like this, I don’t like it at all.” Christopher says.

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