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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“What can i say?,other than the
fact that am grateful for this
honour,as a matter of fact am
more than grateful.I am not of
the opinion that this post was
given to me because am the best
among the staffs or because am
better than the rest,i know for a
fact that i am not the best but i
thank the almighty for given me
this opportunity and i will like to
say a big fat thank you to all the
member of staffs,Thank you for
your support may the good lord
bless y’all.”Tony concluded his
speech as a round of applause

“Congratulations am happy for
you Mr Jefferson and am certain
that everyone here are happy for
you as well.”The principal added.

Some eyes turned towards Paul
to catch his reaction so he
quickly faked a smile.

“Well am sure the new vice-
principal will have something to
say as well,over to you Miss
Willis.”The principal said as he
passed the Mic to Isabella.
“I just want to say that am
grateful and honoured to be a
part of this great school and am
really looking forward to getting
to know and work with you
guys.I pray that our working
relationships will bring progress
and development to this school.”
“Am sure you’ll love and enjoy
working here Miss Willis.Mr
Jefferson here is at your aid if
you need someone to show you
around.”The Principal concluded
as both the Vice-Principal and
Assistant shook hands and the
meeting came to an end.

Tony stood in the hallway and
decided to call Lizzy to tell her the
good news.
“Hello dear.”

“Hy Tony,how are you.”
“Never been better.”
“What’s going on you sound
“Guess what.”
“Hmm…You bought me a new

“No you already bought yourself
a new car”Tony said ‘although i
think now am capable of buying
you a new car’he thought to

“Ok your friend Zach moved to
the North Pole?.”

“Noo why would he do that.”
“I dont know maybe cause that’s
where his kinds are.”

“Seriously you are bad at

“That’s not true am great at
guessing,one last chance?.”
“One last chance.”

“You are finally going to propose

Tony felt like throwing up on
hearing those words.He’s a man
that plans for the future but he
doesn’t picture himself as a
married man,no not yet atleast
not for the next two,three
years.He is the gentle type and
hates troubles,he knows
marrying a woman most
especially a woman like Lizzy is
the definition of trouble and he
wasn’t ready for that kind of
trouble yet.

“Stop guessing and let me tell

“Well today i was…….”
“Hello Tony you were what.”
Tony had lost his voice cause
standing infront of him was the
most beautiful creature he’d ever
set his eyes on.’Isabella so that’s
her real name,sounds
beautiful.”Tony thought.

“Hy Mr Jefferson(extending her
hand)mind if i call you Tony.”
“Yeah sure you can my friends
call me Tony(shaking hands with

“I just wanted to apologise for
what happened last night i was
drunk,i was having some
emotional issues involving my
boyfriend,so i drank too much
am sorry for the embarrassment
i may have caused just so you
know i settled my bills with the
waiter this morning,i also
apologised to him and i believe
you also deserve an apology.”

“No you don’t have to apologize
you did nothing wrong.”
“Yeah i just taught if we were
going to be working together
we should at least clarify some
issues.I came into town two
months ago and have been
searching for a job ever since
about a month ago i received
news that this school needed a
new Vice-Principal so i came for
an interview here,last week i got
news that i qualified for the
post.The school management
gave me a file and asked me to
choose who’ll be my personal
assistant,they gave me a week to
make my decision.I checked the
file and saw that their were three
candidates to choose from.”

“So that was how you knew my

“Yes but not just your name i also
realised from your profile that
you were the best among all
three candidates but i wasn’t
sure if you were the best
choice.”She looked into Tony’s
eyes as if searching for

“We..ll continue.”Tony felt a
strange s£nsat!on as her
beautiful beautiful blue eyes
stared into his.

“Last night i made my decision.”
“So let me get this straight,the
only reason you chose me was
because i helped you last
night?.”Tony was getting

“No please,try to understand,i
knew you were the best
option,meeting you last night
only made my decision easier.”
“Just let me be for a while

She walked away without saying
another word.Tony stood there
thinking to himself.’Just when i
taught i got this post because of
my hard work i taught i earned
it.’Then he realised that.


He had totally forgotten.


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