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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Paul hung his head down in
thought as he walked through
the hallway.

“I can’t believe they’d give my
rightful post to that b-----d
Jefferson.”Paul was certain that
he was somehow cheated.
“Those cheats!!.”He yelled.
Then he heard voices coming
from the reception.He peeped
and saw the gorgeous new Vice-
Principal discussing with Tony.

“What are they talking about?.”He
moved closer to listen.

“So both of them new each other
and that’s why she chose him.I
knew it i was cheated.”Paul was
infuriated,as he rushes to the
restroom,he had already thought
of a plan to punish Tony earlier
but with this new discovery he
now had a plan B.He washed his
hand and face as he smiled in
anticipation of his next step.A
party was going to be organised
to celebrate Tony’s
achievement.’We shall see about
that.’He thought as he prepares
to crash the party.

“Where are you going dressed so

Paul looked up to see the face of
the man responsible for his
presently broken arm.
“It’s none of your business.Zach.”
“Hmmm actually it is if you are
planning on crashing my best
friends party.”

“Listen Zach your love for Tony is
just gonna see you get hurt
believe me.”

“(Takes a deep breath.)What if
am willing to get hurt because of

“You’ll regret it cause Paul Mick is
not a man to be messed
wit..”Paul barely finished those
words as Zach lifts him up with
his shirt the strength shown by

Zach Owens are somehow scary
attimes,here he was lifting
someone who was more of his
own size making it look easy.Paul
was starting to feel
uncomfortable as his legs
weren’t touching the grounds.He
struggled to break loose all in
vain Zach was far too strong.He
wouldn’t dare to fight back even
as the grip got more painful due
to the fear of Zach breaking the
other arm.

“(Pulls him close.)Now listen and
listen good i dont want to see
your ugly face at that party(drops
him)otherwise(he makes a sign
which clearly shows he was
going to break Paul’s other arm
and walks away.)”

Paul watched him swag away.He
got up and tided up.He was
boiling with anger(Briiing)his
phone rang.
“Hello(speaks in a deep voice).”
“Who’s this?.”Paul couldn’t
recognise the voice.
“Am agent X.”
“Oh yeah sir,it’s good to finally
hear from you.”

“I heard you were looking for
me.What do you want?.”
“Sir you see i need to ask you a
favor,there’s this”
“Get to the point i dont have all

“Ok here’s the thing.”


Whew that was close i had to
mix the truth with some lies to
get myself out of trouble from
Lizzy.What have i become?.It’s all
because of her and by ‘her’ i
mean the pretty angel or should i
say devil that walked into my life.I
hate lying to Lizzy but i hate
hurting her even more.I tried to
get in a good mood so as to
enjoy this great party which was
being organised for me.

“Congrats Doveman.”Some staffs
were greeting.
“Thank you guys.”Being a good
boy everyone loved me(not
exactly everyone) that’s why it’s
good to be good.I saw Zach
walking in,he looked so elegant.
“Hey Zach.”I hollerd.
“Whatsup bro.”
“Not much dude have you
perhaps seen Paul i haven’t seen
him since we left the hall.”
“What’s your problem with
Paul,are you guys dating.”

“Eew no.I was just worried about
him is all.”

“Here comes your devil of a

I looked back and saw my dear
Lizzy walking towards us.She
smiled when she saw me but the
cute smile soon turned into a
frown as soon as she saw Zach
by my side.
“What’s he doing here?.”
“What’s she doing here?.”

Both questions came out of each
mouth at the same time.This two
weren’t always like this until the
incident took place.

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