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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“So which one’s yours.”Zach
asked as they walked into the

“That one over there.”Lizzy said
pointing towards her car.
“You meen the red one?.”
“Yeah what do you think?.”
“I think it’s exquisite.”
“Isn’t she a beauty?”
“Let me check the interiors.Hand
me the keys.”
“No way.{she opens the door}
beautiful right?.”
“Yeah but i need to see how fast
it can go.”

“Look here the speed limit is 360
km/h,pretty fast right?.”
“Let’s take it for a drive.I mean to
celebrate our new friendship.”
“Ook but i’ll be the one driving.”
“Come on dont you trust me.”
“The last time i trusted you i
nearly got killed.”
‘Yeah right cause you were the
one who got stabbed and nearly
bled to death.’Zach taught to
himself.’Just give me the keys
and i’ll make you pay.’he said to

“Come on,trust me nothing is
going to happen to your car.”
Zach kept persuading her till she
reluctantly gave him the keys.
She sat on the passenger seat
and closed the door.
“So where are we goi……”

She barely finished her statement
when Zach pulled the car out of
the parking lot in a ‘Fast and
Furious’reversing style.
“Fasten your seat belt!!.”He yelled.
Driving at over 200 km/h on the
main road.

“Ahhh are you crazy stop the
car.”Lizzy screamed trying her
best not to panic.But she lost it
when she saw the speed limit
hitting 320 km/h.
“Are you crazy stop this
car!!!!.”She began to panic.

Zach replied as he
increased the speed to its limit.
Lizzy tried controlling herself but
when Zach ran over his 7th red
light,veered the car off the road
into a bush and headed straight
for a big tree she lost control and
screamed at the top of her voice.
“I..I think I’ve lost control we’re
gonna crash.”Zach yelled amidst
Lizzy’s screaming,What Zach said
made Lizzy scream even more as
her life nearly left her.

Just when Lizzy taught it was all
over,the car came to an abrupt
stop,stopping inches away from
the tree.Zach looked at her
horrified face and bursts into a
feat of laughter.
“Haha got ya.”
“ are we still alive?.”
“Am sorry what did you say?”
It turned out that Lizzy had lost
her voice by screaming so
loud,her words were barely

“Why did you do this?.”
“Well Lizzy it’s quite simple,i
played this prank on you inorder
to teach you a lesson,call it

“I nearly died just now.”
“Now you know what it feels

“What if your prank had gotten
out of hand,what if you had lost
control,what if we crashed.You
could have gotten us killed.”
“That would never have
happened,i used to be a
professional car racer when i
was in Mexico,trust me even if i
drove blindfoldedly i still won’t
crash.I only acted as if i had lost
control just to scare you and it
worked.”Zach said laughing really

Lizzy must confess Zach really is
an extreme driver,cause as fast
and recklessly as he drove he
didn’t leave a single scratch on
the car.

“Get Out.”Lizzy shouted with a
barely audible tone.
“I didn’t hear you what’d you
say?”Zach said in a mocking tone.

“Ok ok,i’ll get out{opens the
door}by the way just so you
know I’ve rode a bike that’s
faster than your car.”

Zach walks away and Lizzy
waited till he was out of
sight,she checked herself in the
mirror and realised her mascarre
had came off,her hair had
roughen up and she looked like a
crazy drunkard.Lizzy got on the
driver’s seat and was getting
back on the main road when she
heard someone yelled.

“That’s it over there,the red

Before Lizzy could know what
was going on she had been
overtaken by a police vehicle,two
cops came down from the
vehicle,a man and a lady.
“Hello miss.”The lady greeted.
“Hello what can i do for you

“Please can i have a look at your
driver’s license.”The male officer
“Sure{opens a shelf and brought
out her license}here you go.”
The man went through her
license,then the lady who’s been
observing Lizzy’s appearance

“Have you been drinking?”
The male officer handed over her
licence and then added.
“Dont you know it’s illegal to
drink and drive.”

“I told you am not drunk.”Then
Lizzy realised her voice were
barely audible.

“Miss,you are under arrest.”
“For what?”
“For overspeeding above the
speed limit and obviously drunk
driving.Anything you say…….”
“Cut the crap am not drunk it
wasn’t me it was Zach.”

The cops clearly didn’t believe
her as they went ahead and
arrested her,Lizzy kept screaming
as loudly as she could.
“It wasn’t me it was Zach.”

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