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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 21
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She looked very radiant this
morning gorgeous was an
understatement she arrived
shortly after i got here,she takes
her work very seriously i must
commend her for that.Most
people will see her position as a
way to slack off but she’s not like
that,she’s a woman that know
what she’s doing.
“Hy good morning Mr
Jefferson.”She said with a drop
dead gorgeous killer smile on her

I was so lost in my thoughts i
didn’t even realise when she
walked over.

“Hum Hy Good Morning Miss
Willis.”I stammered.
She started walking towards her
office she seemed to be in a

“I need your signature on some
documents ma’am.”I added.

“Bring em to my office in 5
minutes time there’s something i
have to take care of.”She said this
and entered her office.

(5 minutes later)
I was at her door *Knocking* but
no response.
“Ma can i come in.”I could hear
movements inside the office but
still no response.I was confused
so i had no choice but to let
myself in.The whole office was
scanty files thrown everywhere,I
saw as she impatiently searched
through her desk.
“Hope no problem?”I asked.

She looked up and i could see
she was close to tears.
“What’s wrong?”I inquired.
“The principal gave me a
briefcase yesterday containing
the school’s government
budget.I couldn’t take it home
because of my boyfriend so i
brought it here and kept it inside
my desk for safekeeping with the
hope of taking it to the bank

today.”She stopped to catch her

“So where is it?”
“It’s gone.I looked everywhere
but it’s gone someone took it i

I dropped the files in my hand
and went through her desk to
confirm that the briefcase was
truly gone.

“I mean i just became the Vice-
Principal i mean it’s not even up
to a week and something like
this happens,i’m definitely going
to lose my job for this,or even
worse i might go to jail.”She
broke down in tears.
“That’s not going to happen
okay?i’m here for you.Stop crying
you are a tough woman so you
shouldn’t cry.”I comforted her as
she embraced me.

“It’s a lot of money.”she said as
she clung on to me with tears in
her eyes.
“It’s okay.”I said.
“Hum i’ll have to go and report
this to the principal,on the
phone.”She said breaking the
hug”Thank you for comforting

“My pleasure.”I replied.
She wiped her tears,smiled and
walked away.

(30 minutes later)
My office phone rang and i
picked it up.

“Hello Mr Jefferson their is an
emergency meeting going on at
the conference hall.”The school’s
secretary reported.
“Ok am on my way.”
I rushed out of my office and i
ran into Zach on the way.
“What’s all this fuss all about
can’t a guy catch some rest at
work again?Meeting meeting
meeting their’s always a
meeting.”Zach fussed.

“Well technically work is not a
place meant for you to catch
some rest.”I said.

“Thank you for your insightful
We got into the conference hall
and took our seats.

“I had to rush here this morning
because i received an urgent call
which led to this emergency
meeting.”The principal began
standing beside him on the stage
was Isabella who hung her head

“Someone broke into the VP’S
office and stole the school’s
government budget which was
given to her yesterday,and
without that budget you all know
what that means.”Pauses”No
salaries will be paid.Not until we
either find the culprit or the
government grants us
another.”He said.

Their were grumbling and
murmurs among the crowds,they
were clearly displeased but no
one could voice his thoughts.

“BOO.”That came from one of the
crowds and i needed no angel to
tell me who the crazy idiot
was,their was only one person in
the whole school who would
dare voice his thoughts infront
of the principal in that manner

I shot him an eye which clearly
said shut up.
“Miss Willis here will not be
forgiven for her carelessness the
management board will think
over her punishment.”The
Principal continued.

I wanted to stand up and say
something to defend her when.
“Sir i do have a suggestion.”That
came from Paul Mick.The devil
had a wicked grin on his face he
must be up to something.

“Let’s hear it.”The Principal said.
“Well i think it’s quite impossible
for anyone to break into the
school premises without the
awareness of the security
guards,so in my own opinion i
think this was an inside job,and i
think we may find the answers
we need by searching through
every member of staff’s office.”He

“Sounds like a good idea.Do we
all agree?”The Principal said.
“We all agree.”

“Yeah.”Everyone was saying.
“I disagree.”Zach said.

“What do you mean Zach? this is
a good idea.”I whispered to him.
“Any idea that comes from Paul
Mick is a bad idea trust me.”Zach
replied in a low voice.

“Why do you disagree Mr Owens
do you perhaps have a hand in
this?”Paul said.

“No i just don’t like going with
the crowd…do whatever you
want i don’t care.”Zach quickly

“Good very well then i want every
security guard in the hallway
right now.”The Principal said to
the chief security guard who in
turn nodded his head and went
to deliver the given order.

(15 Minutes later)
A search had begun as the
guards searched every nook and
cranny of the school.The Principal
was their to monitor the
search.So far nothing has been

“Thanks for standing up for me.”I
could hear Isabella saying to Paul.
“Anything for a pretty damsel like
you.”Paul replied he was clearly
hitting on her does he even
know that she already has a

The guards wanted to search my
office but the Principal told them
not to.

“Sir why not?We shouldn’t leave
any office untouched.”Paul said.

“Mr Jefferson is an highly
respected member of staff he’s
trustworthy and there’s no need
for us to waste our time
searching his office.”The
Principal said.

“But sir.”Paul began.
“I have spoken.”The Principal
said cutting him off.

“Let them search my office as
well sir i have nothing to hide.”I

“Is that so?alright then if you
insist.”The Principal said and
gave the guards the permission
to search my office.”Do what you
have to do diligently i don’t want
you to disorganise any of his
files.”The Principal added.

I walked up to Zach who seems
to look worried.
“What’s up dude why do you
look so worried?”I asked.

“I just thought about something
what if the guy that came
yesterday wasn’t here to kill you
what if he’s somehow related to
the theft.”Zach said.
“Yeah you’re right we should tell
the Principal about it if they are
still unable to find the money
when the search is over.”I said.
“Listen what if they did find the
money,in someone’s office what
if it was all just a plan to frame
that person.Listen as a former
gangster i know about this
things a lot more than you do
what if they found the briefcase
in your office.”Zach continued.
“That’s not possible dude who
would stoop so low to try to
frame me like that.”I asked.
“You sure you don’t know
anyone capable of doing that?”
“Who Paul?”
“That’s right.Think about it this
whole search was his idea and
he even insisted that your office
should be search.”Zach said.

“I really can’t believe this……..”I
was saying when i heard
someone yell.

“We found the money in his

Guess who’s office?

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