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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“Tony hurry up and let’s go.”Zach
was saying.

The secretary stood their
watching as things were
unraveling.Two security guards
walked up to Tony’s office,the
secretary quickly hid behind the
door to avoid being detected.

“Mr Jefferson please come with
us.”One of the guards said.

“I’m deeply sorry guys but he
won’t be able to come with
you,he’s having a severe tummy
ache and needs to go see a
doc.”Zach lied.

“We have orders to bring him
with us right away.”The second
Guard said.

“Well in that case.”Zach said
rolling his shirt’s sleeves.

He was able to overpower both
guards and he threw them into a
corner he pulled Tony out of his
office and locked the door from

“This way.”he said dragging Tony
with him.

They encountered two more
guards on their way to the exit
Zach grabbed each of their arms
and twisted it behind their backs
he held them face down and
lying flat on the floor.

“Go on Tony Run.”He said as he
pinned the guards down.
“No this is not right i shouldn’t
be running away,if i do people
will think that am guilty,no i’m
not guilty and i won’t run.”Tony
said as he turned back and
started walking towards the
management conference hall.

“Tony wait.”Zach stood up letting
go of his captives as he made to
go after Tony.

“Call Lizzy and tell her about
it.”Tony said as he walked away.
Zach stood there wondering if
Tony had made the right

The two guards got on their feet
and they both drew their clubs
{smack} they each dealt a blow to
the back of Zach’s head,Zach
staggered a bit forward and
placed his hand on the spot
where he got hit his hand
touched something wet and he
realised that he was bleeding.

He turned towards the guards
his eyes burning with fury he
charged at them by spreading
both arms and knocked both
Guards down then he picked one
of the clubs and started
slamming it on their butts
simultaneously till they both
pleaded and begged him to stop.


(In the management conference

Tony entered as they were busy
discussing the chairs were
arranged to form a circle tony
stood in between the circle and
all eyes were on him the entire
management and board of
directors were present The
chairman Mr Eldritch was the first
to speak up.

“Mr Jefferson can you explain
how in the world the briefcase
came to be discovered in your
office.”He asked.
“I don’t know.”Tony said.
“Where is the rest of the money
Mr Jefferson?”He asked.
“I don’t know.”Tony answered.
“How would you justify yourself
Mr Jefferson ‘Guilty’ or
‘Innocent'”The Chairman asked.
Tony looked at all the faces
sitting at the tables this were the
same faces that had
smiled,shook hands with him
and congratulated him everytime
he’d won the BTAS now those
same faces were frowning and
looking at him with disgust,he
looked at the Vice-Principal
Isabella Willis and wondered
what she must think of him,she
probably thinks that he’s a thief
and fraud he thought to
himself.Then he replied.
The whole hall broke to a series
of murmur.
“Is this a joke?”
“Innocent my foot.”
“With all this evidence?”
The boards were saying.
“Please let’s maintain a perfect
decorum”The chairman said”Mr
Jefferson did you just say
Innocent?”He said sarcastically.


Zach was pacing back and forth
in anticipation.

‘I wonder what’s going on in
there.’He thought to himself.Then
he remembered Tony had asked
him to phone Lizzy and tell her
about the situation but he
doubted if Lizzy would even pick
his calls.

After trying her number like a
dozen time with no response his
suspicion was proven to be
true.Then he saw Tony’s phone
lying on the bench right outside
the conference hall he must have
dropped it there before going in.

Zach picked it up and used it to
dial Lizzy’s number.

The phone was ringing but still
no response,he tried it a second
time and this time she answered
the call.

-Sorry sweetie i didn’t know it
was you i thought it was your
stupid friend Za…
-Hey Lizzy it’s me Zach.
-What?? You crazy lunatic how
dare you call my phone who gave
you the right to use Tony’s
phone to call me are you crazy or
something?after all what you did
you still had the guts to call me
listen and listen good you moron
don’t you ever call me or try to
speak with me never ever in your
life good day.

Zach knew he’d a minimum
amount of time to convey his
message before Lizzy will
disconnect the call,he estimated
that he needed to come up with
at most three words to gain her
attention and prevent her from
disconnecting the transmission
but what three words would be
perfect other than.
-Tony passed away.


(A campaign was been held in
one of the staff rooms)
The Principal was been
represented by his assistant to
interview the two
candidates,some member of
staffs were also present.

“So Mr Paul Mic and Mrs Kennedy
you two have been nominated
for the position of the VP’S
Personal assistant.Mrs Kennedy i
will like to ask What makes you
think you’re the right candidate
for this post.”The person
interviewing the candidates

Mrs Kennedy stated her points
and it was based on the fact that
she wished to promote the
school and improve the students
conditions of learning.

Paul on the other side stated why
he should be made the new
Personal assistant to the VP and
he also stated why Mrs Kennedy
shouldn’t by saying some dirty
things about her in an attempt to
tarnish her image,Paul never
plays fair he always has a dirty
trick and his trick was just about
to nail him the position he so
desires when.

“I’m sorry but neither one of you
will be gaining this post cause Mr
Jefferson has been proven
innocent and his position has
hereby been reinstated.”The
Principal said as he walked into
the room behind him was
Anthony Jefferson.The crowd
cheered and applauded the

Mrs Kennedy smiled has she was
very happy for Tony.

Paul was shocked beyond words
as he wondered what miracle
could have saved Tony.
What was the miracle?.

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