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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 34
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(At saintstone hospital)
“How did it happen.”Zach asked Isabella.
“I was on my way home when Paul showed up,at first i thought he was a stranger when he grabbed me….”Isabella was saying.

“He grabbed you?”Tony asked in shock.
“Well,yes he grabbed my hand.”Isabella said.
“Oh Hand,he grabbed your hand(laughed),oh i actually thought you meant something else…(feeling shy)i’m sorry please continue.”Tony said.

Isabella narrated the whole incident.

“Wait,wait,wait.You fought against four men and won?unhurt?”Zach asked in bewilderment.
“Actually three the fourth one ran away.”Isabella replied.

“What in the world,how’s that possible?Tony,We’ve got ourselves a superwoman.”Zach was amazed but Tony was more concerned about Isabella’s well being.
“Are you alright,are you hurt anywhere?”Tony asked worreidly.

“I’m fine.”Isabella said.

“Why did you have to wrestle with those guys,you could have called us,Zach would have…”Tony was saying.
“I said i’m fine.”She interrupted.

Tony wanted to say something else before the doctor showed up.

“Doc how’s he?”Isabella asked as they all rushed forward well except for Zach who stood still with his arm crossed.

“Like i said earlier,we are closed all the other doctors have left,i and the secuirities are the only one’s left.”The doctor said.

“His condition is very critical doc please help him.”Isabella pleaded.

“Yes doc please do somèthing.”Tony added.

“That’s what i’m doing ok?He has suffered some severe injuries and he needs to be operated on.I can’t do it alone,so i am going to need some assistance,i will have to call my friend doctor david to come and meet us here and render his assistance.You can checkup on him if you want to.I will be right back.”The doc said and walks away.

“I guess we just have to wait then.”Tony said as Isabella went in to check on Paul.
“Listen Tony my wife’s gonna be waiting for me,so i think i should go.”Zach said.
“We are all waiting Zach,Paul’s our friend.”Tony said.

“No he’s not,infact that guy lying in there is your greatest enemy,Tony.”Zach said.
“How can you say that about a guy fighting for his life Zach?”Tony asked.

“Listen dude come here.”Zach said as he pulls Tony closer and whispers in his ear.”If i leave now you’d get some alone time with your girl.”

“This is not the right time dude.”Tony whispered back.

“There is nothing like a wrong time dude,thank me later.”Zach said as he slightly patted him on his back,bid Isabella farewell and left.

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