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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Agent X fell flat on the ground after he was shot by Isabella.His men did nothing but kept looking on.Isabella started moving cautiously towards his body.Just as Isabella was inches away from him.Tony made a realisation.

“Wait,He’s not bleeding.”Tony proclaimed.
In a flash Agent X was back on his feet,snatched the gun from Isabella,slammed his elbow in her face and sweeped her off her feet with his right leg.All this happened in a split of seconds.Isabella felled backwards and Tony ran to catch her but he tripped as he held her and they both went crashing to the ground.

Their was a few seconds of silence before Agent X deeped his hand in his jacket and removed the bullet from his chest,that was when they realised that he wore a bulletproof vest underneath his jacket.Agent X held the bullet in his hand,examining it and he bursts into laughter.

“You thought you could kill the greatest drug kingpin and the most wanted criminal in this whole county just like that?Well think again,cause just like others before you,you are not up to the task.I can’t be killed.”Agent X said and started laughing again.His men also joined him as they made jibes about Isabella’s attempt to kill their leader.

Isabella tried getting back on her feet but her leg was hurting and she couldn’t get up.Tony crawled over to check on her leg.

Agent X and his men who were having a good thrill kept laughing at the two.

“Hey you what’s your name?”Agent X said as he placed the gun at the back of Tony’s head.

“Well Tony tell me who is this woman who dares to shoot me?who is she to you?I need to know this so as to be sure if you deserve the same punishment she’s about to get.Is she your wife perhaps?”Agent X asked with his gun still resting at Tony’s occiput.

“I will make you pay for this.”Tony said,he was very angry at Agent X for hurting Isabella.
“{Scoffs}You’ve got strong nerves to threaten me like that,let’s see if you can pose a threat to me when you’re dead.”Agent X said.
“Bravo{claps}this is just amazing,i can see you’re getting a sick thrill for beating up a woman,such an amazing achievement{smiles}”
Even though his back was turned at him,Tony smiled as he recognized the voice to be….Zach’s.

“And who is this mountain of a man?,who dares to speak to me with such a sarcastic tone.”Agent X said as he faces the man staring at him a few feet away,his gaze was filled with so much confidence,Agent X was impressed.
“The name’s Zach Owens,does it ring a bell?”Zach asked.

“No,have we met?”Agent X asked,the guy’s face shows no sign of fear,or the look of been intimidated,who is he?Agent X wondered.
“We would have,we had a date but you failed to show up.”Zach said,smiling at his use of words.
“A date?I’m sorry but you’re not my type.”Agent X said.

“Actually it was not the kind of date that involves a candle lit dinner,it was more or less the kind that involves you getting beaten up and then locked up.”Zach said.

“Are you a police officer?”Agent X asked,wondering where they might have known each other.

“No,but i have a friend who is,we both came after you back then in Mexico,you promised you’ll be there but you failed to show up,all we met were a couple of thugs you left behind,by the way those guys were pathetic.I guess you were scared which is why you didn’t show up.”Zach said.

“Don’t be deceived by your size,I fear no one.”Agent X said.

“You may not fear me,but you do fear him.He’s the reason you ran all the way here.”Zach said.

Then,Agent X realised who he was referring to.”Yes i remember now,you must be his sidekick then,too bad he’s not here right now.”
“Number one,i’m his friend not sidekick,number two,i don’t need him before i can take care of you.”Zach said.”Let my friends go and i’ll let you go.We can do this the easy way or the Zach Owen’s way.”

“I see you picked up his catch phrase.”Agent X said.

“That’s not the only thing i picked.”Zach said clenching his fist.

“Don’t tell me you can fight like he does.Let’s see what you got.”Agent X said.
“Let my friends go first.”Zach said.

Agent X smiled and walked away from Tony and Isabella.Zach had so much ego in him Agent X wanted to see how good he was.Zach walked over to Tony and Isabella.

“Dude i thought you left.”Tony said.
“I was on my way,heard some gunshots came in through the backdoor,the rest is history.This guy is very dangerous so stay behind me and let me handle this.”Zach said.

Tony helped Isabella to get on her feet.
“Watch out Zach,he’s fast.”Isabella said.
“Be careful.”Tony added.
“I will be,now get behind me.”Zach said.
“Over here big guy come and get me.”Agent X said.

Even though their were six men standing between them,Zach was calm and confident.
Agent X gave his men the signal and they charged at Zach.He wanted to know how good this guy was before he goes up against him.He knew they would all be in big trouble if he’s half as good as his friend.

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