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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Zach grabbed a hold of one of the men and tossed him effortlessly against the wall.Two men came rushing at him,Zach bent down and grabbed their legs,threw them up in the air and they landed with a great thud.A kick came flying towards Zach but he caught the leg and twisted it into a painful lock,one of the goons who wanted to rescue his colleague from Zach decided to hit him with his gun Zach saw this coming and he dodged.The thug ended up hitting his colleague in the head,before he could regain his compusure,Zach threw him a punch and he fell to the ground.

Zach now had his eyes on Agent X.He had totally forgotten about the sixth guy approaching him from the rear.Tony saw this,so he picked a flower vase and tossed it at him the vase hit the thug at the back of his head and he fell.

Agent X watched as Zach steadily approached him,from his analysis,he has reached the conclusion that Zach’s fighting style depended majorly on his strenght and he had thought of a game plan which he would use to beat him.

Zach and Agent X began their brawl Agent X was dodging Zach’s attack as he was throwing his punches,he was very fast so dodging was easy for him.His plan was to keep dodging Zach’s attacks till he grew tired and worn out.He didn’t make the mistake of trying to block any of Zach’s blows cause he knew how strong the guy was.Zach was getting frustrated with the way Agent X was teasing him,he just wanted to get his hands on him.After a while Agent X felt Zach was growing weak,so he went on the offence.Zach was able to guard some of his attacks but Agent X increased his pace and started attacking faster than Zach could block.Agent X managed to throw some punches at him on his chest.He also kicked Zach in his belly but he ran out of luck when he directed a kick towards Zach’s head with his left leg.Zach caught his leg and swept his right leg off the ground,Agent X landed on his back and Zach smiled cause he now had agent X right where he wants him,Zach was about to pounce on Agent X and break every single bone in his body when the two men guarding the entrance came rushing in and aimed their guns at Zach.Some of the men who were on the floor got back up and held him back.Agent X got back on his feet and laughed.

“You are not as good as your friend afterall,though you really put up a good fight but you don’t stand a chance against me.”Agent X said.

The two men who were aiming the gun at Zach looked at their boss waiting for him to give the orders before they could shoot at their target.

“No let him go,Killing him will only start a war i’m not ready to fight.”Agent X said.He motioned to his men and they all moved out dragging the ones that have passed out with them.

Agent X walked over to the exit and turned back,”I am letting yall go because you managed to amuse me today and for old time sake.My regards to your friend.”He said to Zach and then he left.

“Zach are you alright.”Tony asked as he and Isabella ran over to Zach.

“Don’t worry,i’m fine.”Zach said.
After checking Isabella’s leg and making sure she didn’t have a fracture,Tony searched for the doctor who was supposed to treat Paul,but the doctor was no where to be found.

They concluded that he must have fled when he heard the gunshots.

“What are we now going to do about Paul?i think he’s dying.”Isabella said.
“Let me see what i can do.”Tony said.

Zach and Isabella watched in suprise as Tony washed his hands and dressed up for surgery.
“Dude are you sure you know what you’re doing?”Zach asked.

“Yeah Tony cause been a biology teacher doesn’t exactly qualify you to be a doctor.”Isabella said.

“His bleeding has stopped,now all he needs is for his wounds to be sutured.I can handle it.”Tony said.

Isabella and Zach had no choice but to let him.The way Tony did the suturing and reassembled the broken bones was nothing short of expertise.
“Dude where did you learn to do that.”Zach asked after Tony had concluded the surgery.
“All we have to do now is wait till he wakes up.In the mean time,Zach why don’t you tell us about this friend of yours you and that guy were talking about.”Tony smiled and changed the topic.

“Yeah Zach,who’s this friend of yours?That guy in the mask seems to fear him.For all we know he’s the reason why the guy didn’t kill us.”Isabella said.

“Fine i’ll tell you about him.”Zach said but he was more curious to know how Tony was able to perform a surgery,on his own.

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