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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 41
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(Four days later)
It’s a new day at evergreen high,Tony was walking through the school Hall when he walked into Paul.Even though Paul was barely cognizant of what happened,he knew Tony saved his life.
“Hey there Doveman.”Paul greeted.
Tony smiled.”How are you feeling Paul.”
“I feel great.”
“Good to know.”Tony said and gave Paul a gentle pat on the back.

Tony made to walk away but Paul held him back.
“What was that for?”Paul asked with a frown.
Tony managed to smile. “It was just a friendly gesture.”

Paul still had a mean frown on his face.”I learnt you stitched the gash on my head and body but that changes nothing,that doesn’t make us friend,You and I can’t be friends,not now not ever.”

“Tell me Paul,why?i mean why do you hate me so much.”

“You really wanna know why? Fine I’ll tell you, When Isabella told me that you were the one that treated me I wasn’t in the least surprised Tony because I knew about you, you were a doctor, a chief surgeon before you decided to become a teacher because that’s what you really have passion for, you had to forfeit the splendid life of been a doctor just so you can follow your passion.”Tony was surprised as he wondered how Paul got to know all this things about him.”Well Tony guess what I was once an engineer a very successful one at that, I used to work in a very big company but I gave all that life of luxury away and decided to become a teacher why? Because this is what I have passion for as well, we both had the same passion, we both had to make sacrifices, so tell me why must you be the only one getting all the praise and glory why must I be inferior to you when we both made the same sacrifices. That’s why I have decided that I will stop at nothing to surpass you Tony.”Paul said, he still held Tony’s hand firmly.

“I’m sorry you feel that way Paul, I had no idea you felt that way, but why can’t we just end this grudge now that you have finally won.”
“I may have won the battle but I feel like I have lost the war, If you really want this grudge to end then leave Isabella alone cause she’s the woman I love.” Paul said in a commanding tone.
Tony stared into Paul’s frowning face with a frown of his own, as he yanked his hand and freed himself from Paul’s grip. “If that’s the case then let’s remain enemies forever Paul cause their’s no way I’m leaving the woman I love for you or anyone, not now not ever.”
Paul pinned Tony against a wall and yelled, “This is not a request Tony it’s an order.Leave Isabella alone for me Tony or else.”
Tony struggled to push Paul away. “Let go of me Paul, you’re crazy.”

“Crazy?Yes I’m crazy, I’m crazily in love.”Paul said.
“Let him go Paul.”

Paul looked back to see who it was and was surprised. “Isabella i….” Paul barely finished speaking when Isabella came closer and gave him a hot slap in the face

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