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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 43
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“But I thought you said….”Tony was saying.
“That Agent X was the Mist? Well that’s partially true. Their’s something you need to know about Agent X, you saw him wearing a mask right? Well no one has ever seen the face behind the mask,. Both Agent X and The Mist are just his masked names. The man behind the mask no one knows. So when I saved the officer Agent X was very furious so he…”


(In a secret warehouse somewhere in Mexico‎)
Men armed with guns stood in a circle formation. The Mist was sitting in between where Ralph was beating Zach mercilessly. Zach was groaning in pain. One of the men. A man who was in his late thirties moved forward and fell on his knees right in front of The mist.

«Please forgive him your lordship he was just being naive.» The man said.

«Naive? Jorge did you just say he was being naive. He saved the life of a man who nearly ruined all our plans, how sure am I that he’s not even a spy.» The Mist yelled.

«No he’s not a spy please just forgive him.» Jorge said with tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Wait, wait, wait who is this Jorge?”Tony cuts in.

“He was the man who picked me off the street and introduced me to The Mist’s gang. He was like an uncle to me ” Zach said.
“Alright then carry on.”Tony said.

«How dare you plead on his behalf» Ralph yelled heading towards Jorge. As he raised his hand to hit Jorge, Zach ran up and grabbed his hands.

«Don’t!» Zach said in an ordering tone.

«Is that an order, you bloody son of a w---e. How dare you touch me?» Ralph yelled and then he threw Zach a punch which sent him falling down to the ground where Ralph proceeded to kick him in his g---n over and over. As Jorge kept weeping and pleading.

“Wait, wait, wait who is this Ralph? Cause I’m starting to hate him already .” Tony cuts in.
“Shall I give you a full description?” Zach asked, Tony nodded in affirmative. “Well Rafael ‘s a rugged man in his late thirties, he’s of average height and heavily built and he also has a patch over his right eye. He was and probably still is Agent X’s right-hand man. He hated my guts back then.”Zach said smiling.

“Why?” Tony asked.
“Well even though he was the boss’s favourite he feared I might one day take his place due to my achievements and the praises I always received from the rest of the gang and the boss himself, so he hated me for that.”
“I understand, you had to allow him to keep hitting you without fighting back because you were being punished for an offence. But if you two were to have an actual showdown, can you take him down?” Isabella asked.

“It wouldn’t matter whether I was fighting back or not, I can’t beat him, he’s a beast with years of experience as a gangster, some feared him more than The Mist himself.” Zach said.

“You said he had an eye patch on his right eye, why was that?”Tony asked.

“Well [smiling] it’s a funny story, he was sent to eliminate the officer who had showed up while we were having a meeting in our secret HQ and after boasting to us that he would return with the officer’s head. He came back with a pencil in his eye.” Zach said grinning excitedly.

“Oh my God, Wow!” Isabella exclaimed excitedly.

“Yuck that’s so cruel.” Tony said with disgust.
“Cruel? Yes, Did he deserve it? Hell yeah.”Zach said.

“Anyways just finish up your boring story, I’ve still got work to do.” Tony said.

“What do you mean boring? This story is way more exciting than yours.” Isabella said.
“No way, mine was more of a traumatic tale of dream, goal and….”

“[Yawns] Boooring.” Isabella said smiling.
“You look so cute when you smile.” Tony said.
“Thank you.” Isabella said.

Both Tony and Isabella were staring into each others eyes for a few seconds.
“When you two are done flirting with each other, can I finish up the story?” Zach said, breaking the silence.

“What story?” Tony asked as he regained his senses.

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