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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 44
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“So when did you become the Mist.” Isabella asked.

“I’m just getting to that part.” Zach said.



The Mist watched silently as Zach was been punished for a while. But when Ralph withdrew his knife and rolled Zach over as he proceeded to Slit his throat.

«Rafael, that’s enough.» The Mist ordered.

«But Sir i….» Ralph was saying.

«I said enough.» The Mist said as he walks over to a barely conscious Zach. «Do you want to live?» He asked.

«Who wouldn’t?» Zach smiled and said.

«Well then, I want you to apologise.» He said.

«I’m sorry.» Zach pleaded.

The Mist bursted into laughter on hearing this.
«You must think sorry fixes everything, hate to dissapoint you but your ‘I’m sorry’ won’t be enough, you have to be punished and I know just the perfect punishment for you.”» Agent X said taking off his mask. Underneath the mask was another mask unlike the former which was black and white this one was made up of bright red colours and it had an X symbol at the top.

«I can no longer put on this mask because it’s identity as been revealed to a man and due to your actions that man is still alive. So what we are going to do is this.» The Mist said tossing the mask at Zach.

«Put it on.» He said as Zach picked the mask with trembling hands and wore it on his face.

«From now on you are the Mist and I will now be known as Agent X.”»Agent X said.

“Wait, wait, wait. So he gave you the mask and you automatically became the Mist?” Tony cuts in.

“Like I said earlier The Mist is the name for the mask not the man behind the mask, so whoever has it on is the Mist.” Zach said.

“Let me get this straight, so you became friends with the officer, on the basis that you would help him catch the Mist, despite the fact that you were the Mist, so you were using him?” Isabella asked.

“That was what I thought I was doing, by giving him false information and make him run around in circles to catch me. I thought I was using him but instead he was the one using me. He knew I was trying to fool him but he played along, he kept using me until I led him to Agent X himself.” Zach paused for a while. “The story gets a little complicated from here, so why don’t we save it for another day.” Zach said.
“Don’t tell me you’re starting to get emotional dude.” Tony said.

“Do you miss him, perhaps? Your friend I mean.” Isabella asked.

“Yeah. I really do miss him a lot.” Zach said nodding his head. “Just remembering the good old times. It’s been so long, what’s up with me?” Zach asked no one in particular, he rubbed his eyes with his thumb and middle finger, as he felt some tears forming in his eyes.
“Well where is he now?” Tony asked.

“Anywhere their’s wine and women.” Zach said smiling. “Well since we have both revealed our big secrets why don’t you reveal yours as well miss, cause you are the most mysterious woman I’ve ever met.” Zach said facing Isabella.

“Hey dude stop it, she doesn’t have to reveal anything.” Tony said.

“Don’t tell me you ain’t as curious about her as I am Tony.” Zach said.

“She has already revealed all she needs to.” Tony defended.

“Zach has every reason to be curious Tony.” Isabella said.

“Thank you.” Zach said.

Isabella smiled and continues. “But my younger life is not half as interesting as you think, Being the only child of a wealthy couple, I didn’t really experience much of the outside world, but now that I’m matured enough I want to travel the world. I came to Evergreen city for tourism purpose and I wanted to see what having a job feels like. That’s all you need to know for now, On the other hand I came here to invite you guys to a party.”

“Party?” Tony asked in bewilderment.
“Party yeah!.” Zach yelled throwing his arms up in the air.

“Yeah a party, the mayor will be celebrating his sons birthday this Saturday, so you guys should definitely come.” Isabella said.
“What’s your relationship with the mayor?” Zach asked.

“He’s a friend of my dad. Anyways are you guys coming or not.”

“Definitely.” Zach said.
“I consider parties a waste of time which could have been used to achieve something meaningful but since you’ll be there, then I’ll totally come.” Tony said.

“Well then see you guys on Saturday.” Isabella says and walks away.

Tony slapped Zach on his shoulder. “What were you trying to achieve by questioning her like that? When did you become an investigator? Hun?” Tony asked.

“Well what if she has a secret she’s keeping from us, like a shady past or something.” Zach says.

“Well I’m quite sure her past can’t be as shady as yours.”

“Just be careful with her man, that’s all I’m saying.” Zach said.

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