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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 45
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Tony, Zach and Jennifer were just arriving at the party’s venue, the venue was a large hotel which belongs to the richest man in Evergreen city and it’s neighbouring counties. Loud blaring music can be heard from several metres away.
“Looks like we’re late.” Tony said.

“Well given the fact that Jennifer spent almost an hour applying make up…” Zach was saying.
“Hey I had to look good before meeting the mayor.” Jennifer countered.

“What, are you crushing on the mayor or something?” Zach said.

“Are you jealous?” Jennifer asked jokingly.
“[smiles]Either way Tony’s also at fault.” Zach says.

“Hey what’s my offence, I drove you guys here as fast as I could , right?” Tony asked.
“60 kilometres per hour is not an impressive speed slow poke.” Zach said.‎

“I might be a woman but I wouldn’t go 60 km while driving on an expressway not even on a slow day.” Jennifer said as she and Zach bursts into laughter.

“I hate going out with you two, one second you two are arguing, next thing I know you are both laughing and making fun of me.” Tony said.
“Sorry Tony, I never wanted to make you feel bad.” Jennifer said.
“You are a good woman Jennifer, this fool is lucky to have you.” Tony said pointing at Zach.
“Enough chit-chat guys or we are going to miss the whole party.” Zach said.
“Let’s go on in.”

The hotel looks even more amazing on the inside, The trio walked a long distance from the entrance to the party hall.

“I’m glad you guys were able to make it.” Isabella said as she walks towards them. “And who’s this beautiful woman.” She asked as soon as she saw Jennifer.
“She’s Zach’s wife.” Tony said.

“My name is Jennifer.” Jennifer said extending her hand.

“I’m Isabella.” Isabella said and shook hands with her.

“Tony is this the woman you are crushing on?” Jennifer asked.
Tony felt embarrassed as he says. “Jennifer stop speaking nonsense.”
“She is? Wow she’s beautiful.” Jennifer said.
“Don’t mind Jennifer she’s always messing around.” Tony said.
Isabella just smiled and said. “Let me introduce you guys to the mayor.”
She led them to the VIP section of the hall, where a group of men were sitting at a table.
Isabella walked over to a man in his late fifties the man was older than he looks, at a quick glance one would think he was in his early thirties, he was wearing a blue suit and had a wonderful smile on his face.

“Sir, these are my friends, the one’s I told you I was expecting.”Isabella said. The man nodded with a friendly smile.

“Tony, Zach, Jennifer meet the mayor of Evergreen city.” She continued.
“Nice to meet you sir.” Tony said, shaking hands with the mayor.
“Nice to meet you too.” The mayor said.
“I have always been a law abiding citizen, ever since I came into this city.” Zach said shaking hands with the mayor.

“Well keep up the good work.” The mayor said.
“Good to see you sir, I have a couple of questions for you, ranging from one to two hundred.” Jennifer said retrieving a jotter from her bag. “Question one, a lot of people are of the opinion that Evergreen city is a shadow of it’s former self what’s your response to this, number two, What actions have you taken to curb the rate of…..”

“Are you a reporter?” The Mayor asked amusingly.

“Well, not really, It’s much of a side job.” Jennifer said.

“Well this is a party not a public conference.” the mayor smiled and walks away.
“How can he leave without answering any, I really put a lot of effort into this.” Jennifer was grumbling.

Tony and Zach just kept laughing hysterically.
“What’s so funny? .” Jennifer asks.
“Don’t mind the boys. Come with me, I know what will make you feel better.” Isabella said, dragging Jennifer to the pool.

“One to Two hundred? Zach your wife really wanted to murder the mayor.” Tony said.
“You should have seen the list of names she came up with when we had our son, All cause she couldn’t decide which one was better.” Zach says.

“I plan to ask her out tonight.” Tony said, staring at Isabella who was now swimming in the pool with Jennifer.

“Good call man, just go for it. It’s easy just ask her to be your girlfriend.”
“Yeah how hard can it be.” Tony said.

(40 minutes later.)

Right in front of the whole crowd, Tony dropped down to one knee in front of Isabella, he brought out a ring and said.
“Will you marry me?”

Isabella was shocked, Jennifer was excited and Zach was stunned.‎

“Yes I will!” She says.‎

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