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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 46
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Tony was all smiles as he drove along the busy road. He had finally summed up the courage to propose to the love of his life and she said Yes. Now she had agreed to meet with his family and he was on his way to pick her up.
“Whoohoo!” Tony screamed excitedly.

He smiled as he remembers the conversation he had with Zach after the proposal.


«I encouraged you to ask her out, I wasn’t expecting you to propose marriage. Where did the ring f-----g came from?» Zach asked.

«I decided to go against the plan we had, I had planned to make a surprise proposal here tonight. I bought the ring a few days ago.» Tony said.

«You could have told me about it, I mean we are still investigating her, are we not?»

«No Zach, I have zero doubts about her and if anything should happen, you’ll always be there to save the day won’t you?» Tony said.

«Of course man, I’m always here for you.»


And there was the one he had with the mayor.


«Tony right?» The mayor inquired.

«Yes, Anthony Jefferson sir.» Tony replied.
«Jefferson good, good, well Mr Jefferson.» The mayor started, drawing Tony closer to him.«Isabella is like a daughter to me, promise me you won’t hurt her, in any way.» He said.
«She’s like a daughter to you sir but to me she’s my life.» Tony said.

The mayor then smiled and gave him a friendly pat on the back.


Tony finally arrived at her house. He got down from his car and walks up the door. Tony rang the bell and waited for a few seconds before the door swung open.

The door opens to reveal a goddess, Isabella was wearing a white gown and she looked really gorgeous in it.

“Oh my God.” Tony exclaimed.
“What do you think Tony? How do I look?” Isabella asks.

“You look like a princess from a fairytale.”
“(giggles) I’m glad you like it, thanks for the compliment.” She says.

“That’s no compliment, it’s simply the truth.” Tony says.”Shall we my lady.” He said, bending forward and extending both hands towards the car.
“Let shall.” She says.

Tony grabbed her hand and kisses it. Then he led her to the vehicle.

“There’s something you really need to know before we get there.” Tony says, while he was driving.

“What’s that?” She asks.
“I haven’t visited in a while and she’s probably mad at me so don’t come out of the car until I told you to.” Tony says.
“Why?” Isabella asks.
“Just do as I say.” He said.
(A few minutes later)
“We’re here.” Tony says, as he pulls up right in front of a house which was painted in blue.

Tony got out of the car and started moving cautiously towards the entrance.‎

Isabella was anxious to know what was about to happen so she came out of the car.
The door flung open all of a sudden and a huge pie came flying out through the open door. Tony ducked and evaded the pie which was deliberately tossed at him but alas Isabella was caught unaware as the pie landed on her face.
“Oh my.” Says an old woman standing at the door.‎

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