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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“Come on,hand it over buddy.”
Oh my gosh what kind of a
trouble is this and no one is
around to help me out,The only
person close by is………….Paul Mick
but i would trust this strange
thugs a lot more than I’d trust
him.Anyways am not willing to
give up my car keys so i’ll just
have to try talking to them.

“Listen guys stealing another
man’s property is not a good
thing…..The bible says…………”

“Who cares what the bible
says,shut your trap you son of a
b---h.”said one of the thugs as he
dealt me a blindling slap,i fell to
the ground and could barely see
for a while.One of the thugs
picked my key up from the
floor,which i had dropped the
moment the slap hit me.The Thug
was just about to open my car’s
door when.

“I wouldn’t do that if i were you.”
I looked up and saw my friend
Zach.He’s the school’s gym
teacher.AKA The
powerhouse,and with arms as
big as that of the wwe wresler
Brock lesnar with a handsome
face to match i think its obvious
how he got his nickname.Zach
and i are of the same age but
he’s married and already has a
child.The thugs were obviously
intimidated by his looks,they
surely weren’t prepared to fight
a 300 pounds flesh and bone
Zach Owen.One look at him and
one would think he lives at the
gym,which is nearly true cause
he spends most hours of his life
working out in the gym.

“Stay out of this it’s none of your
business.”Said a thug.

“That’s funny cause the guy you
just slappedal happens to be my

best friend so i think this is my
business and anyways that car
doesn’t even have a working Air
con,trust me its not worth the
trouble.”Zach jokes with

“Am warning you stay out of
this.”One of the thugs
“Am sorry but i can’t,i will give
you guys 2 options we can do
this the easy way or the Zach
Owen’s way.”
“Am gonna cut you into
pieces”.Said one of the thugs as
he waves his knife in the air to
show that he meant business.
“I guess we’ll have to do this the
Zach Owen’s way you guys made
the wrong choice,now bring it


The Two Thugs decided to attack
Zach from 2 sides one stood at
his back,the other stood in front
of him,They both poised their
knives and attacked
simultaneously,they thought they
could stand at an advantage by
attacking from two opposite
sides,But it turned out to be a
Bad idea as Zach uses his left
hand to grip the hand of the guy
in front of him and with his right
hand he caught his comrade in
the same way,he twisted their
hands till the pain clearly showed
on their faces,he tortured them
by adding more pressure till both
men dropped their knives.

The thug he held with his left hand
managed to break free,he
attempted to punch Zach in the
face,Zach saw the blow coming
he quickly dodged and got
behind the thug,The thug
accidentally hit his comrade
comrade with the blow,he
furiously turned around to face
Zach who dealt him a pretty
good kick below the belt
level.The Thug felled to the
ground twisting and turning in
pain,His comrade got up and
picked a knife from the ground
he threw it at Zach who quickly
dodged it,The knife nearly hit
Tony who was just getting back
to his feet.This angered Zach as
he ran forward and dealt the
thug a huge blow which sent
him flying a few feet away.Soon
both Thugs were on their heels
making a run for it.



Zach walked up to me as he
buttons his shirt back up.
“You okay man?.How many
fingers am i raising up.”
“Am not blind dude,i can see that
you are not raising any fingers

“I was just checking(smiled).”
“I still think we could have settled
this without using violence.”I

“No way man those thugs only
understand one language and
you have to punch it into them.”
We were just on our way to the
door when Paul walked up still
with that big smile on his face.
“I heard some noise what

“Nothing much just some
thugs.”Zach replied.
“Oh Tony am so sorry about your

“They didn’t get my car luckily
Zach was their to help.”I replied.
“Oh….that’s great”
“Wait How did you know that
they were after my car.”I asked
“Hum..well I…..mean whatelse
could they have been after.I have
work to do so i’ll leave now.”and
then the smile that I’ve been
seeing on Paul’s face all morning
suddenly faded away.

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