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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 53
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I was worried at first but all my worries seems to have vanished when I met Mr and Mrs Willis.
Such a lovely couple, Mr Willis, a handsome middle aged man, who looks like he’s in his early thirties and Mrs Willis looks really beautiful. Theirs was a beautiful family.

The apartment looks really nice, with various furniture and frames, which looks rather expensive. The couple were very nice and friendly and I felt like I’ve known them all my life. Turns out, I didn’t need Zach after all.
“You said you were born in this town Mr Jefferson. Am I right?” Mr Willis asks.

“No, I actually grew up in this city, I’m not entirely sure of where I was born. I don’t really remember most of my childhood.” I said.
“Oh I see, well but do you have any family members who will be attending the wedding?” Mr Willis asks.

“Yeah, my nanny and her daughter will be there.” I said.

“What about your parents.” Mrs Willis asks.
“I’m actually an orphan, my parents passed away while I was young, I didn’t even get to know my mother.” I said.

“Well, is there any other family members, like an uncle or aunt.” Mr Willis asks.

“Not that I know of.” I said, “I did have an uncle though, his name was Benjamin and he… uh…. he went to Jail and I heard he escaped from prison later on but I’m not sure about the details, I was still young back then.” I added.
“You make it sound like you are the last Jefferson standing.” Mr Willis says.

“Well unless my uncle is still alive, I am most likely to be.” I said.

“Well that’s sad, but I hope you’ll be able to see us as your family now.” Mrs Willis says.
“Of course ma.” I said.

“Please call me mother.” She says.
“You appeal to me like a real gentleman Mr Jefferson, who would make an ideal husband for our daughter but I need to know about your friends as well, who they are? and what they are in to?” Mr Willis says.

“You don’t have to ask him all this questions Daniel.” Mrs Willis says.

“No actually it’s fine and I can assure you I have really great friends, in fact my best friend Zach, has such a lovely family, a wife and a cute little son and he’s a very good person and he’s also a teacher. You should get to meet him.” I said.

We were still having a conversation while Mrs Willis, I mean mother was serving us lunch, when my phone rang. It was Zach.

“Excuse me please.” I said, picking the call.
The look on my face after dropping the call got everyone worried.

“What’s wrong, Tony.” Isabella asks.
“I’m sorry, I’m deeply sorry but I have got to go. Thanks for the lunch ma.” I said running off.

I got into the car and drove away, praying in my heart.

‘Please God, let it not be true.’

Tony arrived at the hospital and met a devastated Zach walking out the door.
“Tell me Zach, where is he, where’s Johnny.” Tony says, grabbing Zach’s arm.
“He’s dead Tony, Johnny’s gone.” Zach says with tears in his eyes.
“Where is he?” Tony asks.
“His body has been moved to the morgue.” Zach says.

“No, no, no, I can’t believe this how did it happen?” Tony asks.

“The poor boy was crossing the road to meet me when a car ran over him.” Zach says.
“So it was a car accident. I’m so sorry Zach.” Tony says, he had also begun to shed tears.
“It wasn’t an accident.” Zach says wiping the tears from his eyes. “My son was murdered.” He added.
“Murdered? By who?” Tony asks .
“I don’t know but I’m going to find out who did and then they are going to pay.” Zach says.
“You are not doing a thing Zach. What we are going to do is, we are going to report this case to the police and they’ll be the one to handle it. Because I don’t want you to get hurt Zach.” Tony said.

“What will I tell his mother?” Zach says.
“For now, I think you shouldn’t tell her, most importantly not over the phone, we will wait till she gets back and then we’ll tell her.” Tony said.

“I’m way out of my mind right now, I’ll just head on home.” Zach says.
“You are not going anywhere, Zach.” Tony says, snatching his keys from him. “You will be staying with me tonight, I’m not letting you out of my sight until Jennifer gets back.” Tony says, cajoling Zach into his car.

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