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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 55
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Zach told himself to slow down, to take it easy, but his emotions raged out of control with the revelation of his wife’s death.

“No, this isn’t possible.” Zach yelled. He grabbed the boy by the collar with both hands and said. “Where is she?”
“The ambulance just took her away. They must be headed for the morgue” The boy says struggling to free himself from Zach’s hold.
“Hey, hey, hey. Break it up, you two.” A male voice held cold authority. “I’m sergeant Simon of Evergreen police HQ. ” The man who was wearing a police uniform says, showing his Id. “So somebody should tell me what’s going on here.” He says.

Zach had already released his hold on the boy. “This man says he owns this house and that the victim was his wife, sir.” The boy says.
‎ Simon’s face tightened into a belligerent scowl as his gaze moved past the boy to Zach. Simon was over six feet tall, he was in his early thirties, he has a pot belly which doesn’t compensate for his job. He held an aura of authority, at least that’s what he tells himself.
“What is your name sir?” Simon asks but got no response from Zach. “I’m afraid we may have to bring you in for questioning.” He continues.

Zach needed to confirm if the woman that died here was truly his wife or somebody else. He drew a deep breath and fought for control, this isn’t the time to get emotional. He needed to act like a man. He had to confirm if the woman was his wife or not.

“Listen sergeant, I have to see her. Whether or not she’s dead, I have to know for a fact.” Zach says his emotions getting the best of him.

“The woman that you speak of has been confirmed dead, by our medical team. Kindly come with us for we have a few questions for you.” Simon says dragging Zach by the arm to his car. But then Zach yanked his arm loose.
“No. No. I have to see. I have to.” Zach says running off.

“Hey, stop right there.” Simon was yelling.
Some officers tried to stop Zach from running but he overpowered and had them on their backs. Then Simon pulled his gun out and shot some threat bullets in the air to get Zach to stop but he didn’t stop nor slowed down as he ran off.

Tony was pacing around in his room, he had been expecting a call from Zach for a while now. He wondered if he had broken the news to Jennifer already, he wondered how Jennifer must be feeling. He watched his phone which was now lying on his bed, hoping to get a call from Zach soon.

Then his phone rang and he rushed to pick it up. It was Zach.

“Hello, I’ve been expecting your call all day, what happened?” Tony says.
“It’s a long story, come pick me up downtown at Pay and Spray. And I’ll let you in on the details.” Zach says with a really sad voice, sadder than the one Tony heard in the morning.

What’s going on. Tony wondered.
Tony angled his car into a parking spot, just as he reaches Pay and Spray, he picked his phone to place a call to Zach but then the door to the passenger seat opens and Zach steps in.
“Drive.” Zach says.

“What the heck, you scared the living daylight out of me. What’s going on man?” Tony asks.
“I’ll tell you along the way just do as I say and drive.” Zach says.

Tony knew it was hopeless to argue any further as he drove off as‎ Zach was giving him directions.
Few minutes later.

“What!!. So, Jennifer’s dead?” Tony exclaimed, he was close to tears.
“I didn’t believe it at first but I saw her with my own eyes at the morgue, She was shot three times Tony. Three times!” Zach yelled, his eyes burning with rage. Tony was seeing a part of Zach he had never seen before.

“Wait so now the cops are after you?” Tony asks.

“Yeah!” Zach says.
“But why? I mean the victim was your wife.”
“The cops seems to believe that I have a hand in Jennifer’s death. No doubt, those who are responsible for my wife’s death are framing me for it.” Zach says.

“So what now? What do we do? Where are we going?” Tony asks feeling quite uneasy.
“Now I fight back, not we but I alone will fight this battle.‎ You can stop by that alley.” Zach says.

Tony parked by the alley as Zach wanted to get off. Tony pulled him by the wrist.

“Zach what are you doing? Whatever it is you have in mind you can always trust in me, we can overcome this together. Don’t let your emotions push you into making the wrong decision.”

“Tony you’ve got to understand that Jennifer and Johnny were the only family I had left and my family was the only thing holding me back. And now that they are gone all hell is about to break loose.”

“At least tell me where you are going?”
“I’m meeting up with an old friend that can help me with my mission.”
“Who? Is it that officer?”
“No.” Zach shook his head in disapproval. “It’s someone else. I don’t want him to get involve in this the same goes for you. I can’t bear to lose anybody else that I care about.” Zach got out of the car and walks into the dark alley. He looks back and waves at Tony, who was now in tears.

“We will meet again, TJ. I promise.” Zach says as he walks off.

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