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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 57
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Zach wasn’t slow to react, as he made an amazing jump into the dark and ducked the bullet. He crashed into a garbage can and was buried under the trash that fell off.

By the time he had managed to get himself out of the garbage the car was long gone.‎ Zach went across the road and made his way to the outskirts of town, after walking in the dark for a few more minutes, he got to a house. Evergreen happens to be a big city with a couple of unclaimed territories. But this here is one part of town, where no one will be moving to in years to come. The area is quite close to the desert, where a couple of harmful creatures can be found. No electricity is being supplied to this part of town, and the quietness and darkness makes the place very scary at night. The house in front of Zach is the only one that can be found in the environment, whoever owns this place surely values his privacy and is not afraid to take a risk. Zach thought.

Zach knocks on the door and a voice bellowed from inside. “Who’s there?”

“Michael, It’s Zach, open up.” Zach says.
“Oh, Zach my boy. Come on in.” Michael says as the door came open.

Zach’s jaw nearly dropped after seeing the house’s interiors, the living room was beautifully furnished with lots of expensive decorations. A few paintings were hung on the wall. The living room was illuminated by the light coming from a giant lamp hanging down from the ceiling. And this was just the living room, Their was no way Michael could own a place like this. Zach thought and he had a hunch who the owner might be.
“What happened to you Zach, you look like you got hit by a garbage truck.” Michael says. He had a cigar in his mouth and he held a gun in his right hand.

“It’s a long story.” Zach says.
“And I ain’t got nowhere to go, so just tell me about it.” Michael says, he led Zach to a couch where the two men sat next to each other. “So tell me man, what happened?”‎
Zach started narrating his ordeal to Michael.

(15 minutes later)

“And that was why I called you, I need your help to find whoever’s behind this.” Zach concluded.

“Woah, that’s some pretty d--n s--t you got yourself into. I think you should call him.” Michael says.

“Who?” Zach asks.
‎”You know who, he’s an expert in stuffs like this, he can help you Zach.”
“I don’t want him getting involved, this is personal to me okay? This is my fight. You know how he is Michael, once he gets here, he’ll be the one to do the whole job and I’ll just have to tag along with him. Well not this time cause this is about my family and if anyone is going to seek redemption for them it should be me. And most importantly I don’t want anybody else getting hurt because of me. Trust me if it were possible for me to do this without you Michael, I would not be here.” Zach says getting up from his seat.
“Listen man, I get it. You want to strangle this motherfu-Ckers with your bare hands and you want to do it alone. That’s okay but we’ve got to play it safe man. Those guys just attacked you a couple of metres away from here, who knows whether they had you followed and you’ve led them right to my doorstep, this place is supposed to be a secret you know, I called you here cause you said it was an emergency.”
‎ “Don’t worry man, I wasn’t followed.” Zach says.

“Good, and I’m glad you know you can’t do it without me though but you’ve got to be more careful, don’t let your emotions get the best of you cause when that happens we are both dead. So tell me when do we start?” Michael says.
“Immediately, we start immediately.” Zach says as picks a double barrelled shotgun which was laying down on the table.

(A month later)

It was seven in the evening, I had to pick Isabella up for our date tonight. I was busy getting dressed when I saw the news that was being broadcasted on television.

“As shared by an eye-witness, this afternoon at Evergreen city a car fell off a bridge while it was being chased by a patrol car. The driver of the car, whose plate number is been shown on the screen was said to have lost control while drifting at full speed on the highway. The driver is feared dead and the officers who were involved in the chase are no where to be found, this incident occurred at…”‎ The newscaster was saying.

I was shocked when I saw the picture of the car and the plate number that was being shown on screen, it was Zach’s car.

“Oh no God, please don’t let it be.” I prayed silently, just then there was a knock on my door.

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