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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 60
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(A month later)

It was the first day of resumption at Evergreen high, I was in the bedroom getting ready for work when Isabella walks in.

“Honey, I’m feeling a little bit sick this morning.” She says.

“What’s wrong dear?” I asked.
“I’m not sure but I’ve been experiencing a bit of nausea‎. My head feels heavy and i…” She was saying.

“Need to see a doctor.” I added.
“That’s why I’m complaining to one.” She said.

“No dear, you need to see a real doctor.” I said.

“Are you trying to say you’re not?”
“No I’m not, I’m just an high school teacher.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll go there this afternoon.”
“No you’re going there now.” I said checking my wristwatch “And looks like I’ve got enough time to drop you off and still make it to work in time.”

“Okay, I’ll dress up then.” She said as I went downstairs to the living room.

(20 minutes later.)

“Come on Bella, You are going to the hospital not a candlelight dinner, what’s taking you so long?” I said.

Then she came downstairs looking like an angel.
“Well someone’s dressed to kill.” I said.
She smiled and we walked out the door with a smile on each of our faces.

(At work)

I arrived at the conference Hall a little bit late and everyone was already waiting for me. As the new Principal I’m expected to address all the members of staff on the first day of resumption.
“Sorry I’m late, I had to take my wife to see the doc this morning.” I said as I walked in.

“No problem sir, I had everything under control for you.” Mrs Kennedy the Vice-Principal says. “By the way, how is your wife?”
“Thank you Mrs Kennedy and by the way my wife is fine.” Then my phone rang, it was my wife calling. “Oh look at that, she’s the one calling me now. Just a second please.” I said as I picked the call. Everyone was staring at me, so I knew I had to play it cool.

” Hello dear, can you please call me back I’m in a meeting.” I said.

“So after complaining to the doctor, he had a test done and guess what?” She says ignoring my plea to postpone the conversation.

“What?’ I said wearily.
“He said I’m two months pregnant.” Isabella said joyfully.

I could not hide the joy I felt as I screamed excitedly, the entire staff members in the conference Hall were staring at me with surprise.
“My wife’s pregnant l!” I exclaimed.
“Wow that’s amazing news sir.”
“I’m happy for you.”

The crowd were saying.
“This calls for celebration.” Someone says and it reminded me of Zach, how happy he would have been if he were here today

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