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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 68
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The sun was shining brightly in the sky. The road was illuminated by golden rays of sunshine. Lance was impervious of the attention he got from everyone and the looks of anger on the face of the rebellious trios.

“Your two minutes are up, Jeff.” Lance said now standing right in front of them.
“What happened to squid?” The bald older guy who was sitting down asked.
“I’m afraid your friend Squid might have fallen asleep in the car.” The man wanted to talk but Lance shuts him up. “Keep quiet baldy, I’m still talking. Now, you guys listen up. I don’t like fighting people when I’m in a bad mood, unless I’m willing to kill them. So you guys had best apologise to this good people and run as fast as you can else you will regret it.”
“Who do you think you are to make such demands hun?” A guy standing behind Jeff said as he held the knife in his hand to Jeff’s neck. “Now, you had better get down on your knees or your friend gets it.”

Lance burst out laughing, “Did you just call him my friend? He’s just a driver, not a very good one at that. Trust me he won’t be missed so go ahead, you’ll be doing me a favour.” Lance said even though he didn’t mean it. He coul‎d tell by looking into the guy’s eyes that it was just a threat and he had no intention of hurting Jeff. He knew the guy would let Jeff go if he said he doesn’t care what happens to him. And it worked, the guy furiously released Jeff and points the knife at Lance.

“Get down on your knees.” He said.
“Let’s get this over with, I need to grab myself a drink or two so let’s make it quick. Who wants to go first?” Lance asked. Standing there, poised to act.

The man who was standing next to Jeff came plunging headlong at Lance, Lance stood his ground as the man tried to stab him with his knife he grabbed him by the wrist with his left hand twisting it backwards till he was forced to drop the knife into Lance’ right hand and he contorted his face like he was about to cry.
Lance held the guy’s wrist tightly in a painful position rendering him helpless. Then the other guy who was also standing with a knife in his hand came rushing at Lance as well but Lance nimbly dodges the blow and stabbed the guy with the knife in his hand on the thigh from behind. The man fell down squinting his eyes in pain as he held his now bleeding thigh.

The bald headed older guy got up from his seat to attack Lance as well but Lance jumped up in the air and landed a strong kick on his chest, which sends him crashing through the table. This he did while still holding the other guy captive by the wrist. Jeff who was now standing on his feet along with the rest of the crowd watched on in awe.

The guy that was stabbed on the thigh got the knife out of his thigh and staggered back to his feet steadily approaching Lance from the back.
“Behind you!” Jeff yelled but it seems Lance was already aware of the attack.

Lance turned and shoves the guy he was holding captive towards the guy that was just about to stab him from the back. This made the guy to unknowingly stab his friend on the shoulder.
Lance then made an amazing jump and landed a spinning kick to the back of their heads simultaneously, which sends them flying a few feet away as they passed out by the road side. Lance turned around and saw that the bald guy was getting back to his feet.

“Wh–what are you?” He asked with fear clearly written in his eyes.
“What am I? How rude, haven’t you ever seen a guy that knows karate before?” Lance asks.
“He’s Lance Elliott.” Jeff says.
“Lance Elliott?” The man exclaimed in shock as he got up on his feet and makes a run for it.
Lance walks up to Jeff and tossed him an handcuff. “Action speaks louder than words Jeff. Now you know that violence solve things quicker. Check if those two are still alive. If they are? Cuff their hands.” Lance said.
“And what happens if they are dead.” Jeff says staring at the guys who now la!d motionless on the road.

“They shouldn’t be, but if they are, join me in the car as fast as you can.” Lance said putting his glasses back on as he walks back to the car.

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