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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 69
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“So what do we do with this guys?” Jeff asks as he joins Lance in the car.

“Leave them by the road side, one of this people must have called the cops by now. They’ll take care of the rest when they get here.” Lance says.

Jeff looks outside and saw that Squid was already laying on the road.

“Well? What are you waiting for? let’s get to that bar.” Lance says and Jeff drove off.
They drove in silence for a couple of minutes. “Why are you so quiet Jeffery? Is there something bothering you?” Lance asks breaking the spell.

“Nothing.” Jeff says. ‘Other than the fact that you’re an inconsiderable jerk.’ This he said to himself, as he was still feeling bad over what Lance said about him being useless.
“You think I’m an heartless jerk don’t you?” Lance said. “Next time you’re trying to keep something from me, try not to look me in the eye. I can read you like a book.” He added when he saw the surprised look on Jeff’s face.
Jeff frowned and looked away without saying a word. “You may not approve of my methods Jeff but it gets the job done.” Lance continued.
“The guy had a knife to my neck, you could have at least pretended like you care.” Jeff says.
“You were never in any form of danger, that guy was just bluffing, trust me I knew. I am a man who’s always with a plan and everything I did was according to my plan.” Lance said.
“And what if your plan had failed? What if the guy had slit my throat.”

“Then I’ll be driving myself to the bar.” Lance said jokingly with a smile on his face but Jeff was unmoved by the joke as he frowns.

“I don’t find that joke funny.” Jeff says.
“Alright jokes apart, you see my plans never fail. They are what you call foolproof.” Lance said but Jeff wasn’t convinced he still hated Lance. “Oh, and lest I forget. Don’t ever call me Lance Elliott in public ever again. You can call me Lance, you can call me detective, you can call me anything but don’t ever say my name in full.” Lance said.

“Why not?” Jeff asks, keeping his eyes on the road as he was driving.

“That’s because there are 2,171,000 people who want to see me dead. Don’t give people the impression that you know me or that we are close, which we’re not for that matter. This guy ran this time the next guy might pull a gun.” Lance said.

“It doesn’t matter, cause hopefully after today their won’t be any reason for us to meet again.” Jeff says.

“You never can tell what fate has in store for us.” Lance said.

“We are here. I’ll wait for you in the car.” Jeff says pulling up in front of a bar.
“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Lance said as he exits the car and walks into the bar.
Jeff sat in the car wondering. ‘no wonder everyone he had worked with always gives a bad review about him, they say he’s a great detective, he lives no case unsolved but when it comes to his personal relationships they all have bad things to say about him, I wonder how a jerk like him became such a successful detective.’ Jeff thought to himself.

Few minutes later Lance returned with two cans of wine. “Man, that bar was so cool, good drinks hot waitresses, one of them even gave me her number.” Lance said as he got into the car.
“Well, can we go now?” Jeff asks.
“Yeah, yeah let’s go.” Lance says opening a can as he drank it’s content. Lance breathed a sigh of relief. “Good stuff, You want one?” He asked, offering Jeff a wine.

“No thanks.” Jeff says as he was driving.
“Good, cause I didn’t feel like sharing such a great drink anyway.” Lance lied, he really doesn’t like drinking alone.
Jeff shook his head and says. “With your attitude and lifestyle, I bet you don’t have a lot of friends.”

“I don’t keep friends.” Lance said, telling another lie.

“I thought as much.”
“But you can be my friend if you want.” Lance said.

“I’ll pass.” Jeff said as they drove on in silence.

(Twenty minutes later)

“Here we are.” Jeff says as they reached division Q.

“Finally.” Lance said getting out of the car.
Lance was met by a group of people who had gathered by the entrance just to welcome him.
“Nice to meet you Lance Elliott. I’m the chief of this district.” A man walked up and said extending his hand as he offered handshake.
“Sorry but I don’t shake hands.”. Lance said giving a salute instead.

“Oh, that’s okay.” The chief says saluting Lance as well.

Then a pretty lady ran up to Lance. “Hy, my name is Janice.” She says with a smile as she was offering him handshake as well.
“Nice to meet you Janice.” Lance said with a smile as he shook her hands.

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