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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 7
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My eyes became as clear as the
sky after an heavy rain the
moment i heard those words.
“What date lizzy?”i had to ask
“The one i told you on the phone
this morning,that we’ll be having
this afternoon to celebrate my
new car.”
“You bought a car?.”
“Yes,i told you all about it in the
morning were you not

I know how emotional Lizzy can
get on issues like this so i have to
play smart in order for me not to
hurt her feelings i will have to lie.

“No baby ofcourse i was
listening,i was just joking with
“When did you start making
jokes,cause you never make em.”
“Lets just say am learning a bit
from Zach.”

“Oh that reminds me dont tell
that PH friend of yours about my
new car,i wish to suprise him by
hitting him with it next time i see
Lizzy and Zach don’t get along so
well ever since the “INCIDENT” i
will talk about it later cause right
now I’ve got bigger
problems;What’s the date’s

“So are you on your way or

I have to think pretty fast on how
to get her to reveal the date’s
“What’s wrong.”
“I hope they serve good foods
cause am famished.”
“Ofcourse Tony,Honey buds only
offer the best you should know
that we’ve been here many times

“Alright bye am on my way.”
I hurried up and shut my office
door and quickly exit from
school.Soon i had arrived at

Honey Buds restaurant i could
see a brand new red Rover in the
packing zone.

“This must be the car.”
Lizzy saw me and waved from
inside the restaurant i went over
and sat beside her.

“So what do you think about my
new car.”

“Looks very nice,I like it,can i
have it?”
“Wow you are much of a joker

I smiled as the bartender came
and took our orders.

“Well am glad you liked it cause
you owe me half of the money i
spent on buying it.”

“No problem,by the way you have
good tastes.”

The foods were served and we
ate talked(mostly about the car)
till evening.

“Why don’t we call it a day.”
I said tiredly.

“Mind dropping me home Tony
am too weak to drive,you can
come back and pick your car
after dropping me home.”

That didn’t go well with me but i
had no other option.
“Alright let’s go.”

I said getting up from the chairs
and opening the door for Lizzy.

I dropped Lizzy off at home in
her car and after a good night
kiss or should i say peck i took a
cab and went back to the
restaurant to pick up my
car.Then i saw something really

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