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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 77
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Meredith shoved Lance onto the bed as he landed on his back.

“Don’t you think we should shut the door first?” Lance says to Meredith, who was now caressing his body.

“I think we should.” She said as she went and bolted the door shut.

“Now where were we?” She says, crawling up to Lance on the bed.

“I think we were just getting started.” Lance says a mere moment before his mouth captured hers.

Meredith lets out a few soft m0ans as her lips parted. The kiss was soft, and sweet, his lips warming and seducing hers. The touch of his tongue was driving her crazy.

His lips teased at hers,his tongue tracing the curve of her lips. “I want you.” She m0aned un buttoning his shirt and unzipping his trouser and stroking his erected d--k.

Lance grabbed her hand and brought it to his chest. “Why the rush? When we have all night, and the night is still young.” Lance’s hand came up to gently cup one of her b-----s.
She was caressing him, loving the tickle of the dark curls on his chest against her palms. Her nails scraped lightly across his n-----s. As he managed to bare her b----t, and his lips left hers to wrap about her pouting n----e. The gentle tugging sent a s---t of longing spearing through her most intimate parts, unable to withstand his seductive assault any longer she arched into him.
Lance sensed her longing to have his manhood in her, so his hand drifted up the sensitive skin of her inner thigh which was now moist and wet.

45 minutes later.

Lance was lying on the bed with Meredith sleeping in his arms, when his phone rang.
“Hy, Detective it’s me, Jeff.” Jeff says over the phone.

“Who are you?” Lance asks.
“Your personal driver Jeff.”
“Oh Jeffery, what’s up?” Lance says.
“Not much, but I’ve been waiting outside the bar for half an hour now, where are you?” Jeff asked.

“Oh yeah, I told you to come pick me up. I totally forgot, I’ll be with you in a moment.” Lance says ending the call.

“Hey Meredith.” Lance says trying to wake her up.

“Hmm.” Came the response from the exhausted lady.

“I’m leaving.” Lance says as he placed her head on the pillow, dressed up and then he walked out.

He walked into the car and entered into the back seat.

“You have an appointment with the Mayor tomorrow morning. Don’t you think you should be getting some sleep?” Jeff says.

“Don’t tell me what to do, now drive to this address.” Lance says showing him an address on his phone.

“Another date?” Jeff asked, he was bewildered.

“Yeah.” Lance says.
“I really think that you should head on home.” Jeff says.

“You had better start driving or I’m going to kick you out and drive myself.” Lance says.
“Okay, anything you say boss.” Jeff says shaking his head back and forth.

Next day, 7 in the morning.
Lance was sound asleep in the bedroom of his new apartment, he was exhausted from the adventures of the other night and he was having his hangover when a call woke him up from his slumber.

“Good morning sir, It’s your driver Jeffery. I’m waiting for you outside, and hope you are ready for the meeting with the Mayor.” He said blaring the car horns to announce his presence.
“Fuc.k you.” Lance says going back to sleep.

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