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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 79
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The mayor’s mansion is a tall and majestic building with several floors, in the heart of the city; the house could easily pass for any grand hotel in the world. The compound is a large beautiful garden which had a golf course and a swimming pool, there’s more than enough space left for a football pitch. The house is any man’s dream home.

“Well,” Jeff says stopping the car in front of the large gate. “Here we are.”

Lance got out of the car and started towards the Mansion, it didn’t come as a surprise to him that the mayor would leave in such a grand mansion, after all Evergreen city is one of the most successful city in the world. Jeff watched him closely as if waiting for him to say something.
“Well?” Lance says. “Come on.”

Like a soldier who had been waiting for his captain’s command Jeff sprinted out of the car beaming with smile, he had always wished to meet the mayor and today his wish was going to come true.

The two men approached the gate; Jeff dressed in his striking suit and Lance in his…. Well, not so striking top.

“State your business.” Says the grumpy guard at the gate; his eyes full of suspicion as he stares the two down.

Lance who did not approve of the guard’s attitude replied, “Our business is none of your business.”

“It seems your lousy mother forgot to teach you some manners.” The guard says.

“What?” Lance asks, anger clearly shown in his eyes. “What did you just say about my mother?”

“You heard me right, toad.”
Jeff was expecting Lance to pounce on the guy anytime soon but surprisingly he did nothing of the sort.

“We wish to meet with the mayor.” Lance says with a surprisingly calm tone.

“The mayor does not wish to meet with the likes of you, so go back home to your momma before I lose my temper.”

“Hey d!ckhead,” Lance says holding his thumb and index finger up, “You are this close to getting punched in the face buddy.”

“Well,” The guard says brandishing his gun in his hands. “You are this close to been shot in the leg punk a-s.”

“Listen,” Jeff quickly cuts in, Lance had surprisingly kept his cool and Jeff didn’t want to see him lose his temper memories of what happened yesterday were still fresh in his mind. “We don’t want any trouble sir we have a meeting with the mayor that’s why we are here.”

“I see, the boss has manners and the driver is an egoistic b-----d.” The guard says in between laughs. “How hilarious,” The guard didn’t notice their positions in the car but based on their dressing he assumed Lance must be the driver and Jeff, the boss.

“Oh you must be mistaken,” Jeff says trying to clear the misconception. “He’s the b….” But Lance nudged him with an elbow, shushing him. “Can you just call in to confirm our appointment?”

“You want me to check if you have an appointment?” The guard says with a crooked smile, Jeff nods. He looked Jeff over and thought. ‘This guy must be a business man seeking contract; I might as well juice him for some money.’ “That’s going to cost you 200 dollars.”

Jeff started searching his pocket for some money, if 200 dollars is what’s going to cost him to meet the mayor then so be it.

“How can anyone stoop so low? Is this how your mother raised you?” Lance scoffs.
“What did you just say?” The guard says in an angry tone. He turns to Jeff and added. “One more word from your driver and I’m raising it to 500 dollars.”

Just then another guard joined them at the gate.
“What is going on here?” He asks the other guard.

“These men said they wish to meet with the mayor.” The guard’s tone was suddenly humble. This other guy must be his superior.
“Have you called in to check?” The senior asked.

“Hum… no sir, I was still asking for their names.”

“What is your name, sir?” The senior guard asks Jeff, in a respective tone.

“J…Jeff but actually my name doesn’t matter.” Jeff says now pointing at Lance. “This is the man the mayor has an appointment with. Lance Elliot.”

The grumpy guard stared at Lance in bewilderment, his face turned pale in shock and his heart sank at the mention of his name.

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