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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 83
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“Where is he?” I asked.

“Well,” Jeff began. “After you had given me this job yesterday I was very happy and I wanted to express my gratitude to you so I decided to help you find your friend.” He pulled is phone out and went through it for a while before showing me a picture on it. “Is he the one?”
It’s a picture of Zach and some other nerdy looking guy with glasses, they had their arms crossed around each other’s neck, smiling. “Yeah, he’s the big guy.” I said although Zach seems to have lost some weight. “Who’s that nerd standing beside him though?”

“Oh,” Jeff says. “That man is Anthony Jefferson; I learnt he’s Zach’s best friend and co-worker.”

What? I’m Zach’s best friend not this nerdy guy with four eyes.

“Why is Zach even friends with such a nerd?” I said. “He looks so boring. The Zach I knew would never hang with a guy like this.”
“I don’t know about that but what I do know is the fact that you two actually have something in common.”

“What is wrong with everyone today, I dressed casual for a day and everyone starts thinking that we’ve got something in common.” I said. “First it was that old Mayor claiming we both have something in common and now you also think that I have something in common with this nerd.”

“Take a look at this,” Jeff says, showing me a different picture of Zach and this guy, ‘four eyes’(that’s the nickname that I’ve given this guy) had no glasses on in this picture and I’ve got to admit he looks really good, almost as good as me, almost. “Notice anything, ‘eye opening’?”

Even without Jeff’s lousy hint, I could see the guy’s eyes clearly now. “What the heck,” I exclaimed; this guy has golden blue eyes just like mine. “I thought I was the only man with eyes like this.”

“Looks like you’re not as special as you think.” Jeff says with a smile.

I felt like slapping the smile off his face. “Never mind,” I said trying to change the subject. “A friend of a friend is a friend as well, if he’s friend with Zach then I guess he must be cool. Now tell me where he is.”

“Zach?” The idiot still had to ask.
“No, I meant Angelina Jolie.” I said. “Of course I meant Zach.”

“Oh,” He said with a sad expression “You won’t like what I’m about to say.”
My heart sank. “What?” I said. “Is he dead?”
“Possibly,” He said. “I had a friend look into his files and it turned out that he was charged for murdering his wife and son five months ago.”
“What?” Was all I could say to this shocking revelation, Zach would never do such a thing.
Frame!!! That’s the only explanation he’s been framed.

“The police went after him and he ran.” Jeff continued.

“Did they get him?” I asked.
“No.” Jeff says.
That’s my boy.

“You should see this.” Jeff says, showing me a video. “That video was captured by CCTV camera some months ago.”

The video showed two police vehicles racing after an SUV. I needed no one to tell me that Zach was the man in the SUV; he’s a daredevil when it comes to driving, what with the speed, and the turns. The cops were having a hard time keeping up but then the SUV went spinning across the highway and then over the bridge. The car exploded and the video ended.

“They later found the car but not the body; they deduced that the corpse must have washed downstream, or…. Burnt into ashes,” Jeff says with a sad look on his face. “I’m sorry you had to watch your friend die Lance.”
“Trust me Jeff,” I sad with a half smile. “He’s not dead.”

“I know it’s hard to believe that you’ve lost a loved one, trust me I’ve been there.” Jeff says.

“Nonsense,” I said trying to fight back the tears in my eyes. “He’s not dead.”
“But you need to accept the fact that he’s gone,” Jeff said, sympathetically. “No one can survive that fall and explosion and you know it, you’re just in denial.”

“Unless the person wasn’t in the car when it fell,” I said.

“What?” Jeff asked in bewilderment. “Are you saying that he wasn’t in the car when it fell?”

I nodded in affirmative. “Zach is too good a driver to lose control of his vehicle like that,” I said. “And when did cars start exploding when they hit water uhn?”

“But then how did he do it.” Jeff asked.
“Did you notice that part where the SUV got dangerously close to the stores, right before spinning on to the highway?” I said. I didn’t wait for Jeff to give an answer before I continued. “I’m sure that was when he jumped out of the vehicle and went right through the window of one of the stores, of course the CCTV could not have captured it from that angle, it was well timed and perfectly executed. Zach wanted people to think he was dead.” I said feeling sorry for my old friend, he’s been through a lot and he had to take such a huge risk.
“I find this very hard to believe,” Jeff says. “What makes you think that anyone can pull off such a trick?”

“Cause you’re looking at the man who thought him that trick,” I said as I remembered that night in Mexico when we had to do something of this sort while we were been chased by some contract killers. Zach was a bit scared but I had convinced him to make the jump and he nearly broke his neck afterwards. I smiled as I remembered memories of that night, he had made a joke about how I was going to get him killed one day and I told him he would have died a celibate. That felt like a very long time ago.

“Two things you’ve got to know,” I said holding my index and middle fingers up. “One,” I said counting a finger off. “Is that Zach is not dead and I’m going to find him.” Now counting the second finger off, I said. “And two, He did not kill his wife and son, someone’s framing him and I’m going to find out who it is.”

“What happens when you find them?” Jeff asks.

“Then all hell is bound to break loose, no one messes with my friend and gets away with it.” I said, my rage building up and to make things worse I haven’t had a decent drink all day. “You know what?” I said as a thought struck my mind. “I think I know where Zach is.”
“You do?” Jeff asks.

“Yeah,” I said. “Can I trust you?”
“Yeah, totally,” Jeff says nodding his head like a lizard.

“Zach has worked really hard to keep himself hidden, something tells me he didn’t pull that stunt just to fool the cops, someone else is after him, maybe the same person who framed him. You need to promise me that you will keep this a secret cause if you were to reveal any of this to anyone I will not spare you then, Jeff.” I said with a serious look on my face.

“I promise,” Jeff says.
I looked him in the eye for a while trying to make sure he was been truthful. “Alright,” I said after I was convinced. “I have actually been planning to come to this city long before your Mayor called me here.”

“I can’t tell you why and you wouldn’t believe me even if I did.” I said. “Let’s just say I’m looking for something.”

“I can’t tell you!” I said. “Alright listen, so there is this guy that works for me his name is Michael. I asked him to build me a house in this city prior to my arrival. If Zach knew he was here he would definitely go there.” I brought my phone out and showed Jeff the address of the house, which Michael had sent to me.

“Well,” Jeff said. “Your guy is really a cheap; he has built you a house in the least developed area of town.”

“Yeah, but I was the one who asked him to, I needed a secluded place where I won’t attract too much attention to myself.” I said. “So, do you know the place or not?”

“I do.”
“Well then let’s go.” I said.
Jeff then turned the ignition and drove off. There was something in my mind, telling me that this story is just about to unfold.

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