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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 88
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After dropping Michael off at the airport, Jeff drove over to Division Q. When he walked in with Lance the station was a bit empty.

“What’s going on?” Jeff asked a woman who was walking by with some files in her hands.
“Simon got attacked last night,” The woman says without stopping. “The chief and some officers have gone to the hospital to check on him.”

“How bad is it?” Jeff asked worriedly, rushing after the woman.

“Beats me,” Says the woman. “I’ve been here all day but I learnt his condition is stable.”
Jeff left the woman and came back to Lance.
“She said Simon got attacked.” Jeff says.
“I heard what she said,” Lance says pointing at his ears. “I have ears you know?”
“Must be Bob Goatee,” Jeff says. “That criminal is always having good coppers beaten up,” Jeff paused. “Not insinuating that Simon is one but the guy just does it to spread fear among the citizens.”

“You said you knew someone who could help us, where is he?” Lance says.

“Oh, yeah this way,” Jeff says as he led Lance to a room, which Lance recognizes to be the office where his desk is.

When they entered the room there were only two people in the office this time, two men whom Lance recognize to be Joseph Hart and Sergeant Frank Dudley.

The two men were discussing in hushed tones, Frank was the first to notice them as they were entering the room.

Frank smiled as he walked over to Lance. “Good morning detective.”
“Good morning….” Lance paused as if he was trying to remember something. “Sergeant Frank Dudley.”

“That’s me.” He says with a smile.

“You look very happy today.” Lance says.
“That’s because Frank was able to bust the Arsonists hideout yesterday.” Joseph says as he joins in the conversation. “We ought to be awarding him a medal or something if not for what happened to Simon.”

“Is that so?” Lance asked amusingly, his question directed to Frank.

“Yeah,” Frank says. “And it was all thanks to your great intuition and super detective skills, too bad there leader managed to get away though but one thing is for sure those guys won’t be coming back to this city anytime soon.”
“That’s nice.” Lance says.

“Yeah,” Frank says with a smile, “It gives me great pleasure to have been able to help my city.”

“By the way do any of you guys know what happened to Simon?” Jeff asks curiously.
“He was attacked on his way home last night,” Joseph says. “Some eyewitness says they were Bob Goatee’s henchmen.”

“I knew it.” Jeff says.
“Yeah, but you never can tell, those guys might as well have been sent by his wife.” Joseph says with a slight chuckle.

“Not funny man,” Frank says an edge to his voice. “Simon barely escaped with his life, you should show some remorse.”

“He has a wife?” Lance asks.
“Yeah but they ain’t staying together no more,” Joseph says. “The wife is filing for a divorce because Simon just can’t keep his eyes off young women.”

“How old is the wife?” Lance asks with a smile.
“Thirty, but she looks sixty five.” Joseph says laughing hysterically.

“Dear god!!” Lance exclaimed, holding his sides as he laughs as well.

“Seriously guys, this is not funny.” Jeff says. “Someone’s life is at stake here.”
“Alright alright,” Lance says feigning a stern face. “No more funny remarks about the dying man or his granny wife.”

“Ha, good one,” Joseph says while still laughing.

“Simon might be a jerk but you guys should show some remorse.” Frank says trying to hide his own smile. “I can’t stand this; I’m going to go get some coffee.”

“Get one for me.” Joseph says as Frank walked towards the door and left the room.
“Joseph.” Jeff says.
“Lance here has a proposal for you.” Jeff says.
“I’m listening.”
Lance told Joseph everything he needed to know about Zach and how he needed someone with computer skills to help find him.
“So,” Lance says after explaining the situation to Joseph. “Are you willing to help?”
“Sure, as a matter of fact I’m ecstatic about this adventure.” Joseph says. “I have a great idea, if you need someone to watch your back Frank is just the man.”

“My back is just fine,” Lance says. “I have no problem watching it.”

“Yeah but you can’t be in two places at the same time.” Joseph says. “Trust me Frank is the best sergeant in the whole district even Simon agrees.”

“You know he has a point,” Jeff says. “If you really want the perfect team you’ll need someone to fight by your side and Frank’s the best there is around here.”

“Alright then,” Lance says. “So long as it helps me find my friend, I’m willing to try anything.”

Just then Frank walks in with four cup of coffees.
“Help yourselves,” Frank says, offering each person a cup of coffee.
“Nah, I don’t drink coffee,” Lance says.
“Well, in that case,” Joseph says, helping himself to another cup. “More for me.”
“How would you like to work with us,” Joseph says to Frank.

“I already do,” Frank says. “Don’t we work together here?”

“No, I meant,” Joseph says slapping his forehead, then turning waving towards Jeff with his hand. “Jeff, tell him what I meant.”
Jeff went ahead to explain the situation to Frank, he would nod this head every now and then as he listened intentively.

“I must say, it’s really sad to hear about your friend,” Frank says to Lance with his hand on his chin. “Instead of searching aimlessly for him, I have a better idea. You spoke about a list given to you by the mayor. Why don’t we clamp down on every guy on that list? Those guys are at the center of every crime going on in this city, I’m sure we’ll find a clue about your friend by the time we are half way through with that list. This way we can still help this city whilst searching for your friend.”

“Hmm,” Lance placed his hand on his chin, mimicking Frank’s posture. “It’s a good idea but if we are going to do this we’ll have to do it my way.”

“Fine, what’s the plan?” Frank asks.
“Wait, does that mean you’re in?” Joseph asks excitedly.

Frank nods.
“Sweet!” Joseph exclaimed and then he faced Lance. “Are we getting paid? I mean extra work should mean extra pay right?”

“Sure,” Lance says. “You guys will get a million dollars each.”
“A million?” Jeff gasped.
Joseph’s jaw dropped. ‘With that I can buy…. anything.’ He says to himself. “I’m so in.” He says excitedly.

“Well,” Frank says with a serious face. “Now that we’ve got our little boy band together, what now?”

“Now we fight crime,” Lance says a stern look on his face. “My way.”

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