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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 90
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“We are here,” Jeff says as he stops the car in front of what looks like an abandoned warehouse, he turned to face Lance. “So what’s the plan?”

“This is the place?” Lance asks.
“Well, according to Joseph,” Frank says. “This is the place.”
“This place looks abandoned to me though.” Jeff says.

“Let’s wait and see.” Lance says, as he finished up the content in his beer bottle. “Keep your eyes open boys.”

Just then a white car parked in front of the warehouse and six men came out from it. They made their way into the warehouse; one of the men had a briefcase with him.

“Speak of the devil.” Lance says.
“It’s that same car,” Jeff says taking note of the car’s plate number. “The number is the same as the car we are searching for.”

“They just had it repainted.” Frank says.
“Seriously? Just how dumb are the criminals in this city?” Lance says with a grin.
“What now?” Jeff asks.

“I say we move in.” Frank says making his way out of the car.

“Don’t do anything hasty Frankie,” Lance says. “We move in now and they’ll escape through the back door.”

“What makes you think there’s a back door?” Frank asks.

“Pfft,” Lance scoffs as if Frank just said the most stupid thing ever. “There’s always a back door.”

“What do you propose we do then?” Jeff asks.
“Frankie and I are going to sneak over to the back, while you make a big ruckus over here, they’ll get scared and try to escape through the back door where Frankie and I will be waiting for them.”

“And what happens if they don’t get scared or use a back door? What if they all come rushing out shooting everything in their way, including me?” Jeff asks, fear clearly written in his eyes.

“In that case, say hi to the reaper for me.” Lance says with a smile, pats Jeff on the back and steps out of the car. “Let’s go Frankie.”
“Will you stop calling me Frankie?” Frank says.
“Of course; Frankie.”

Frank sighed and followed him as they snuck to the back of the warehouse.

The walls of the warehouse were made of wooden planks. Some of the planks had holes which were left by termites in them, Lance peeped in through a small hole and saw that the six guys were standing around a table and discussing, an opened briefcase was lying on the table. Lance could not see its content from where he was.

“What are they doing?” Frank whispered.
“Shh,” Lance shushed him by holding his index finger to his lips. He peeped in again and looked around to see if anyone of them was carrying a gun, he couldn’t spot any. So he moved away from the wall and signaled to Jeff to carry on with the plan.

Jeff nodded uneasily; he started the car, turned on the siren and drove towards the warehouse. “You are all surrounded, come out with your hands in the air.” Jeff yelled over the speaker.

A commotion can be heard from inside, Lance peeped in and saw that while three of the men were barricading the front entrance, the others were rushing towards the back of the room; towards him and Frank.

Both men la!d flat against the wall, one of the wooden planks at the top of the wall came right off its hinges and fell next to Lance. The missing plank left a wide gap which serves as an emergency exit for the gang.

“Told you.” Lance mouthed to Frank; he bent down to pick up the plank and lay back against the wall.

One of the gang members stuck his head out of the new exit, oblivious of his surrounding in his rush he jumped down, Lance clobbered him in the head with his heavy plank just as his feet was touching the ground. The goon fell like a log as he hits the ground.

Frank who was now getting along with the plan, looked around to see if he could find something to use as a weapon, he noticed a shovel lying close by, he picked it up just in time as the secon makClankes the jump.

Clank, The shovel landed on his skull, he went down with a thud. Then came the third guy, Lance and Frank clobbered him as their weapons struck him simultaneously.

“Hey,” Lance whispered to Frank. “It was my turn.”

The fourth guy had grown suspicious, he cautiously stuck his head out and drew it back almost immediately as Lance barely missed his head with his plank. The guy ran away from the exit and back into the room.

“Oh no you don’t,” Lance says, he drops the wood and jumps in after the guy. He landed on top of a pile of wood, which serves as a step to the exit. The runner had made his way down the pile and was running across the room with the briefcase in his hand. Lance was just about to give chase when the fifth guy blocked his path. The guy attempted to punch Lance in the face but Lance squatted to dodge the blow, he reached for the guy’s leg and tripped him, causing him to roll off the pile and he fell four feet to the ground, passing out from the impact.

Just as Lance was making his way down the steps the sixth guy snuck up behind him, he was just about to attack Lance from behind when Frank comes up behind him, he had managed to make the climb with his shovel, and he struck the guy with the shovel causing him to roll off the steps as well.

“Thanks,” Lance says, “but I knew he was sneaking up on me.”
“Of course you did.” Frank says, sarcastically.
“What? You don’t believe me?” Lance asks. “I’ll have you know that I have eyes at the back of my head.”
“Uhmm, Lance?” Frank says; he suddenly looked like he’d just seen a ghost.
“I’m like an owl,” Lance says as he continues boasting. “Or a bat, my keen eyesight is like no other; let me tell you, I can spot the slightest movement from any ang….” Lance was cut off by the familiar sound of a gun’s hammer clicking. He followed Frank’s frightened eyes as he turned around to look behind him.

The guy with the briefcase was now standing a few feet away with a gun in his hand and a crooked smile on his face. “Now, which one of you is the detective?” He asked, aiming his gun at Lance.

Lance threw his hands in the air, pointing a thumb at Frank.

The guy moved his gun away from Lance and pointed it at Frank.
“No, no, no,” Frank says pointing at Lance. “He’s the detective.”
The goon aimed back at Lance.
“Don’t be fooled, my good man,” Lance says, slowly closing the gap between him and the guy. “He’s the detective, just look at his special detective shoes.”

The goon looked at Frank’s casual shoes, wondering what makes them so special. “I don’t see anything special about those shoes.” He says but he points his gun back at Frank nonetheless.

“You know what they say,” Lance says moving to the edge of the steps. “Looks can be deceiving.”

Lance leapt off the steps towards the guy and delivered a spinning kick to the side of his head before he could aim the gun back at Lance.
The guy fell on the ground from the impact, dropping his briefcase but he managed to hold on to the gun. Just as Lance was picking himself up from the ground, the guy aimed at him from the floor, his eyes was boiling with
rage as he sq££zes the trigger.

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