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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 91
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Lance twirled in the air and landed on his feet as the shot was fired and the bullet whistled past him.

“Missed me.” Lance says excitedly. “Nice acrobatics, eh?” He added with a smile.
The goon frowned and aimed straight at him. “I won’t miss again.” He says.

Frank decides to use the opportunity to sneak up on the goon but just as he took a step forward, the goon caught his movement and points the gun at him. “Y–you, stay right where you are.” The goon yelled at Frank, his muscle was tensed and his finger twitching on the trigger, he was contemplating whether to shoot or not.

Frank noticed this and he froze in place and raised both hands up, so the goon decided not to shoot him yet. The goon turned his attention back to Lance but to his great shock Lance was now standing just inches away from him, he had taken advantage of the distraction and closed the gap between them.

“Surprise!!” Lance yelled with a sheepish grin.
The goon yelped in shock and the gun fell from his trembling hand, he hadn’t expected to find Lance standing so close. Lance used his right leg to toss the gun back up in the air, and caught it above his head without even looking.

“Who’s the tough guy now?” Lance says, pointing the gun at the trembling goon’s nose. “Now, tell me wh….” Lance was caught off by the sound of his ringing phone. The goon took advantage of the distraction and started running towards the barricaded door. Frank chased after him.

Lance tried shooting him but the gun had ran out of bullets, so he dropped the empty gun and took his phone out of his pocket to see who was calling. It was Michael.

“This better be good Michael, I was right in the middle of something important.” Lance says as he watched the goon run up to the door and cleared the barricade but he ran into Jeff who was waiting by the entrance after hearing the gunshot.

“Oh, it’s very important. You see I just met this cute Chinese girl,” Michael says; Lance slapped his forehead on hearing this. “and I want to take her out tonight but I need your advice on what I should wear, since you have a great fashion sense and all. Do you think I should go with the blue tuxedo and sophisticated shoes, or the casual pink jacket with a nice watch? Which one will look good on me?”

“Listen,” Lance says trying to control his anger, “I don’t care if you decide to go butt naked for your date, if you don’t have anything better to say then I’m breaking the call.” Lance says as he watched Jeff struggling to hold the goon back, the goon kicked Jeff in the knee causing him to let go but just as he was about to make his escape, Frank flew in and tackled him to the ground.

“I also wanted to tell you that I have some information that might help you find Zach,” Michael says. “You should check at the Evergreen high school, Zach used to work there as a teacher.”

“Zach working as a teacher? That’s surprising and you couldn’t have said that earlier?” Lance asked whilst picking up the briefcase dropped by the goon and walking towards the guys; Frank had managed to subdue the goon and cuffed his hands behind back. “Alright I’ll look into it, bye.”

“Wait, wait,” Michael pleaded. “You haven’t answered my question, tuxedo or casual.”

“It doesn’t matter what you wear, nothing’s gonna look good on you man. Now buzz off.” Lance says, breaking the call. “So what have we here?” He said, staring at the goon who was now sitting on the floor with his hands cuffed behind back.

“He has refused to say a word.” Frank says.
“I’ll make him talk.” Lance says and handed the briefcase to Frank.

“I won’t say a word.” The goon says.
“You just did,” Lance says. “In fact you just said five words.”

The goon scoffed and Lance laughed.
“Normally I enjoy playing mind games and tricking guys like you into telling me what I want to here,” Lance says placing his hand on the goon’s shoulder. “But you see I haven’t got the time for that today, I’m a little impatient right now, so this is how we are going to do this.” Lance then brought a pistol out from his belt holster and points it at the guy’s nose.

“If you don’t start talking, I’ll start shooting.” Lance says, aiming down at the goon’s leg. “I’ll start with your legs, and then I’ll move up from there.”

“You coppers are always making empty bluffs, I know you can’t shoot me, you have to account for every bullet don’t you? So how would you explain shooting an already subdued man?” The goon says with a smirk on his face.

Lance gave a short laugh. “That’s where you’re wrong, I own my guns you see, so I don’t account for my bullets and I most definitely do not make empty bluffs, when I say I’ll do something, I go ahead and do it.” And with that Lance shot the goon in the leg.

The goon yelled and rolled in pain. “What the f--k man, my leg!!”

“Yeah and I’ll shoot your boyhood next if you don’t start talking.” Lance says pointing his gun at the man’s privates.

“You’d better start talking.” Frank says. “This guy doesn’t joke around.”
“And he’ll do as he says.” Jeff added.
“Alright I’ll talk man, just don’t shoot again,” The goon says, trying to endure the pain. “No one told me I was going to be getting shot when I took this f-----g job.” The goon says to himself.

“Now tell me,” Lance says, he drew close towards the guy. “Why were you so interested in knowing who the detective was earlier?”
“There’s word out that the mayor has hired a detective to help take out the gangs in the city.” The goon says, still in pain.

“And who’s spreading these words?” Lance asked.

“Some snitch in the Mayor’s office, or some random spy.” The goon says frustratingly. “I don’t know the details man, I’m just a hired hand man. I just take orders and that’s all.”
“And who gives these orders?” Lance asks. “Bob Goatee?”

“No,” The goon says. “I don’t work for that clown.”

Lance was surprised. “Then who ordered you to beat that officer up.”

“And gave you this money?” Frank says raising the briefcase.

“I work for the devil’s son in law man, The Razor.” The goon says.

“I should have known,” Frank says. “Bob would not use his own boys for such a task.” Frank says.

“Maybe he’s lying.” Jeff says.
“He’s telling the truth.” Lance says thoughtfully. “The Razor? I remember seeing that name on the mayor’s list.” Lance says.
“Yeah he’s number three.” Jeff says.
“He’s a very cruel and dangerous criminal.” Frank says. “He was a hooligan, turned robber, turned hit man, now he’s a gang boss.”

“Bob must have hired him to help take care of Simon.” Jeff says.

“Alright then, where’s he?” Lance asked the goon.

“I don’t know.” The goon says.
“Don’t push your luck buddy,” Lance says aiming down at the guy’s privates. “I know when you’re lying to me don’t forget I still have my eyes on your little willy.”

“Alright don’t shoot,” The goon says. “He’s at the Razor shack.”
“The Razor shack? Where’s that?” Lance asks.

“It’s a club in the tinder district.” Jeff says.
“You know the place?” Lance asks Frank.
“Yeah.” Frank says.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Lance says.
“What about me?” Jeff asks.

“You stay here and make a call to the station, have them come and take these guys in,” Lance says, and then he looked at the wounded guy on the floor. “and call an ambulance for this one.”
“Okay.” Jeff says unenthusiastically.

“When you’re done, I want you and Joseph to visit the Evergreen high school; I learnt Zach used to work there.” Lance says to Jeff and then he turned to Frank. “Alright then let’s go check out that club.”

“You are walking right into the lion’s den,” The goon says forcing a grin amidst the pain in his leg. “The Razor takes no prisoners; he’s not called the devil’s son in law for no reason. He’s a very ruthless man.”

“That makes two of us.” Lance says.

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