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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 98
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Jeff was driving Lance and Frank to the downtown flour factory where Bob Goatee was going to be in a few minutes.

“Man, what a beauty. Zach really got himself a beautiful wife,” Lance says whilst looking at a picture of Zach and Isabella on Jeff’s phone. He was sitting at the back while Frank sat in the front beside Jeff. “Man I hate it when beautiful women die.” He added.

“So, it’s okay when ugly women die?” Frank asks.

“Once again you’re quoting me wrong, Frankie.” Lance says.

“By the way that’s not Zach’s wife,” Jeff says taking a peek at the phone’s screen.
“Keep your eyes on the road,” Frank cautioned.

“Then, who is she?” Lance asks enthusiastically.

“She’s the school former vice-principal; I think she was in a relationship with Mr. Jefferson.” Jeff says, taking a right turn as he reaches downtown Evergreen. “Officer Joshua and I are not sure about the full details yet.”

“So, she’s also missing?” Lance asks sadly.
“Probably,” Jeff answered.
Lance sighed.

“Hopefully, we’ll get to the bottom of this soon enough,” Frank says.

“Yeah, I’m sure this is going to have a happy ending,” Jeff says with a smile.

Lance smiled as well but he knew better, it’s not always a happy ending.

“We are almost at the flour factory,” Jeff says.
“How close are we?” Lance asks.

“It’s a block away from here.” Frank answered.

“Okay park here then,” Lance says to Jeff. “Call Josh.” He tells Frank.
Frank dialed Josh number and he answered the phone in a few seconds. “What’s the status Josh?” Frank asks putting the call in loudspeaker so that everyone can hear what Josh has to say.

“Looks like Bob arrived a bit early for the meeting; he’s in the factory as we speak no sign of his business partner yet.” Josh says.
“Anything else?” Lance asks.

“Yeah there is something strange going on though they are parking their cars in five different locations in the area.” Jeff says.
“Alright, I want you to send the position of each vehicle to Jeff’s cell phone as soon as you can.” Lance says.

“Okay.” Josh replied.
“Frank you and I are getting off here.” Lance says to Frank. “Jeff I want you to find those vehicles, deflate their tires and render them immobile.” He told Jeff as he steps out of the car.

“Okay.” Jeff says.
“If I may ask,” Frank says, stepping out of the car. “Why are we vandalizing vehicles?”
“Because those are getaway vehicles, Bob has put those in place in case anything goes wrong and we need to make sure he doesn’t get away. We can’t take any chances.” Lance says.
Lance and Frank started towards the flour factory on foot. Jeff drove off as soon as Josh sends him the location of one of the vehicles.
“Are you okay Frank?” Lance asks noticing how grumpy Frank was.

“I’m fine; it’s just that I can’t wait to finally catch Bob Goatee.” Frank says.
“You two have a past?” Lance asks.
“You could say that,” Frank says with a frown, the Factory was now in sight. “My former partner, Officer Bryan died because of him.”
“That’s sad to hear,” Lance says. “But you shouldn’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Frank says, they were now standing a few feet away from the factory. “So what’s the plan?”
“You head in through the back, I’ll take the front door and we’ll trap Bob in the middle.” Lance says.

“Sounds good.” Frank says.
“Remember your training,” Lance says jokingly.

“If by training you mean trash talking and breaking the rules, then I think I’ll pass.” Frank says.

“It just might save your life.” Lance says with a slight smile.

Frank scoffed and headed towards the back while Lance walked towards the front door.
(At the station)

Simon had just left the chief’s office and was now heading towards his office with a smile on his face; Jack and Jill were with him. They had managed to convince the chief to hand over Bob Goatee’s case to him. Simon wants revenge for what Bob did to him and he was ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that he’s the one who puts him behind bars.

He and his boys were walking past the control room when Simon spotted Josh sitting behind a computer and staring attentively at the big screen. Curious to know what he was doing, he approached him.

“What are you doing?” Simon asks, startling Josh who didn’t realize that someone was in the room with him.

“Oh Simon I didn’t see you enter.” Josh says as he turns to face the trio.

“What are you up to Josh?” Jack asks with a smirk on his face.

“Running some errand for your new master I suppose.” Jill added with a smirk of his own.
Josh frowned at the two, he never really liked the duo of Jack and Jill both men were annoying and immature in a lot of ways.

“Answer me Josh.” Simon says.
“I’m helping Lance to find Bob Goatee,” Josh says, hoping they’ll let him be.

“Where?” Simon bellowed.
“At the flour factory downtown, now just leave and let me work.” Josh says.

“No.” Simon yelled, pulling the plug from the system causing the computer to shut down. “Bob is mine, I’m not going to let that overrated detective steal my case,” He says turning to Jack and Jill. “Let’s go boys, let’s go and catch Bob Goatee.”

The trio walked away and left the room. “Oh boy this is not good.” Josh says to himself, hoping Simon doesn’t ruin Lance’s plan.
(Back at the flour factory.)

“I’ve got the back entrance secured,” Frank says to Lance over the telecom. He had managed to knock out all the four men he met at the back entrance. The men barely saw him as he snuck up on them and bonked them in the head with the butt of his gun.

“Good to hear, I’ll talk to you later I’m a little busy right now.” Lance says to Frank, breaking the call. Lance had met with a full force at the entrance, shortly after he approached the entrance the man that Bob was dealing with arrived with his men as well; a fight soon broke out between the two factions. Each group thinking that the other sold them out and Lance has found himself right in the middle of the shootout.

Lance dived for cover behind one of the parked vehicles, he dropped his now empty gun and drew another from its holster he sq££zed the trigger and takes one of the men down and then another, bodies were falling like dead branches. The gun fight soon ended with Bob and four of his men left standing and of course Lance who was ducking behind a black van.

“Detective Lance. So nice to finally meet you,” Bob says, he stood a few feet from where Lance was taking cover. “I’ve heard a lot about you and I must say that I’m very impressed.”
“It’s always a pleasure to meet a fan.” Lance says from his position, he checked his magazine and saw that he was out of bullets. “D--n,” He whispered.

“Oh I’m a fan alright as a matter of fact I’ll like an autograph.” Bob says and his men laughed. “Now come out from there and let me take a closer look at my idol.”

Lance hesitated thinking of what to do, all four of Bob Goatee’s men were armed with a gun Bob himself inclusive. “Don’t make me repeat myself,” Bob yelled in rage.

Lance knew he only had limited time before Bob and his men bombard him with bullets. He looked around and something caught his eyes, an automatic rifle was lying a few feet away, one of the shooters must have dropped it when he was hit. “Hey Bob,” Lance yelled. “Do you play poker?” He asked.

Lance didn’t wait for a response as he dived for the rifle; he picked the gun and then rolled back to his cover avoiding the bullets being fired at him, he dropped down on one knee and opens fire at the men with precise accuracy. Bob watched as his men fell one after the other as Lance shoots down all four of them.
“Now that’s called four in a row.” Lance says to a shaken Bob.

With no one left to protect him, Bob dropped his gun in fright and hastily retreated back into the factory. Lance smiled knowing full well that Bob was going to be encountering Frank at the back door and he would now be trapped in the middle, just like he planned.

Lance was just about to go after Bob when a car pulled up behind him. Simon came out of the car followed by Jack and Jill who were dragging Jeff along with them.
“What in blazes happened here?” Simon asked, staring at the bodies lying on the ground.
“What are you doing here Jeff?” Lance asked ignoring Simon. “Have you done what I told you to?”

“I was on my way to the last vehicle when Simon and his boys found me and forced me to come with them.” Jeff says.

“Detective Lance, have you no shame. Sending Jeff to vandalize vehicles how irres….” Simon was saying.

“Listen buddy,” Lance interrupted. “I don’t know what the heck you’re doing here but I haven’t got your time right now, I have a criminal to catch.” Lance says making towards the entrance.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that because you’re the one who shouldn’t be here.” Simon says pulling Lance back. “Bob is my case now.” He added raising some files in the air for Lance to see.

Meanwhile, Bob scampered towards the back door of the factory with a frightful look on his face.

“Larry! Cod!” Bob called for his men as he approached the back door.

“I’m afraid your men are indisposed right now.” A voice came from Bob’s back.
Bob almost soiled his pants as he turned around slowly to find Frank pointing a gun at him.
“Remember me?” Frank asks.

“Have we met?” Bob answered.
“A few months ago you and your men murdered my partner in cold blood.” Frank says in anger.

“Maybe it wasn’t me?” Bob says.
“It was you, I was there that night.” Frank says.

“So you want revenge?” Bob asks.
“I just want to see you arrested.” Frank says.
“And then what, even if you arrest me now I’ll be free before tomorrow’s dawn.” Bob says. “You have no idea, who I’m working for.”

“Just shut your mouth and raise your hands up where I can see them. Don’t try anything funny.” Frank says approaching Bob with a handcuff while still aiming his gun at him.
“Funny? You mean like this?” Bob says and then he slapped the gun away from Frank.

Bob didn’t waste any time as he attempts to take Frank’s head off his neck with his huge fist the size of a wrecking ball but Frank managed to dodge the blow.

Bob was almost twice as big as the bouncer Frank fought the other day but he was also twice as slow. Frank was able to land some decent punches on Bob’s protruded belly but it was like punching a bag of sand. Frank’s punches were not having much impact and Bob was starting to wear him down. Frank tried to reach for his gun but Bob caught his arm and tossed him to the ground. Frank’s head collided with the hard floor and he felt dizzy. Bob throws a kick at him before he could get up and his feet connected with Frank’s ribs. Frank groaned in pain as Bob dragged him from the floor and tossed him against the wall.

Frank knew he had to think something up before Bob beats him to a pulp. “Where the heck was Lance,” Frank wondered but then he remembered what Lance had told him. He rolled away from the wall to avoid Bob’s crushing blow and jumped back on his feet. “What took you so long Lance?” Frank says, looking past Bob.

Bob turned around in fright but there was no one there, before he could realize that he has been fooled, Frank dived for his gun, picked it up and aimed it at Bob. “Freeze motherfvcker.” He yelled.

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