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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Dike often thought of wedding a girl in grand style, but he had no money to lavist at the type of wedding he anticipated. He knew that if he eventually succeeded in his bid, he would
marry another girl of his choice but no Pauline. He would, however, give her twenty thousand naira when he eventually left her. Because he knew he would eventually lose her, he never told her about his ambition to own a poultry farm and keep domestic animals. Now that he was committed
to his scheme, he was thankful that he hadn’t told her. He had told no one about it.

Otike was an expert at squeezing information from anyone when it became necessary.

Dike was sure that Otike would quiz anybody connected with him if he
suspected that he stole
the money. But he felt that as far as Pauline was concerned, he had nothing to worry about.

After al he would make her drunk, and establish an unassailable alibi by parking his car outside her pad and sneaking away at the time of the operation. The operation would last less than an hour.

Every Saturday and Wednesday night, Dike took Pauline out to a dinner and to a film show. He would take her out this Wednesday but not Saturday night, the D-day. However, she wouldn’t be in the know. He would jump it on her. Although she wasn’t talkative, she might get upset if she knew beforehand that next satuday was going to be special.

That Wednesday night, at about seven o’clock, Dike picked Pauline up outside her pad and drove to Green Garden Restaurant. They ate good pounded yam and egusi soup.

They hadn’t much to say to each other. Pauline ate her food happily and with a good apetite while Dike ate very little. He kept looking at her while Dike ate very little. He kept looking at her while he ate and imaGined seeing her naked, and he saw
once more her lush body. He thought of the four hours ahead them when they would sit in a stuffy cinema hall and watch some goddamn film before eventually retiring to bed.

“Is there anything wrong with you, Dike?” Pauline suddenly asked. She had already eaten a big plate of pounded yams and was sitting back, eager for the next programme. As she sat back on the car her big b----t forced themseleves against her tight dress.

Dike smiled at her. “Just watching you, honey,” he said and put his hand round her shoulders.

They were still speaking when a shadow fell across the table, and Dike looked up.

Standing there was Babatunde Oluwa in a white suit, a red and white striped shirt, a white tie, and white shoe to match. Looking at him, one would think him an angel; that is, until one saw
his eyes. Anyone who looked
at those eyes knew for certain that the owner was anything but an angel.

“Hi Dike”, he said and shifted his eyes to Pauline and then back to Dike. “The boss wants you right now.”

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