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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 18
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“Yes sir”, Dike said and paused, expecting the man to say more. When he didn’t, Dike asked, “My bill, Alhaji?”
“Five naira,” he replied.

Dike paid him and left. He felt happy, and assured himself that he wasn’t going to be nervous that day. He knew the man was telling
the truth because most people believed that good medicine men did not charge exorbitant fees.

As he thought of these things in bed that early morning, he felt certain that he had no qualms, no feeling of nerves. Perhaps he had unshakeable faith in Alhaji Giwe’s advice.
He thought of all the money in the deal. When he got the money, he wouldn’t wait for a sack notice
but would work for only three more years before calling it quits.

Pauline stirred and sat up. “Let me go and prepare breakfast, honey”, she said sleepily.
“It’s still too early”, he said gently as his fingers caressed her b—-ts.

She smiled happily, and turned to mould her naked body against his.

Later, they had breakfast and as they were eating, Dike said, “Tonight we’ll celebrate the silver jubilee of my mother’s death. So; don’t drink too much, since
we have a lot of booze tonight. The celebration will be in your

“O really?” she said, genuinely suprised. “I didnt know your mother has been dead
that long. Well, don’t forget to buy some African salad.

You know it helps to hold down booze”.
Dike was happy. There would now be an excuse for her being drunk. But he himself would of course not be

drunk so as to be able to execute his
operation properly.

Leaving her, he rushed down to where he had parked his car and drove straight to Otike’s office to report for the day’s job.

He arrived at the office a few minutes to 9a.m.
Babatunde Oluwa and Abubakre Rufai had already arrived and were
waiting. Nwabueze came up the stairs as Dike entered the office.

Nwabueze’s face was already sweating. Jesus! Dike thought to himself when he saw Nwabueze’s sweating face. Doesn’t this guy ever
stop worrying? How can he be scared to death even before the job starts?

Dike and Nwabueze were greeted by Babatunde and Abubakre as they entered the office, and from the nearby office emerged Bamidele with a collection bag.

He was greeted by the four men. The bag was handcuffed and the handcuffs snapped on Nwabueze’s wrist. Nwabueze froze to death
at the though of carrying the large sum in the
bag which had become part of him. He looked at Dike and Dike smiled.

Babatunde said, “I wouldn’t carry that bag for a thousand bucks”. He had noticed Nwabueze’s fear and tried to rub it in.

“Man”, he added, “Some guy might take a swing at your wrist with an axe, and you’re a goner”.

“Cut it out”, Dike snapped, anger in his voice. “No one’s swinging no axes”.
“That’s because you’re not in his shoes, if you…………..”.

“Shut up, you silly a–,” Dike quickly cut in, staring at the man. “You should avoid such nasty comments when we”re on duty. You know
pretty well that the boss will not take kindly to such arrant nonsense from one of his security men”.

“Come on! I was only kidding and you know it”.

“Yeah, but there are certain things you don’t knid about”. Dike insisted.

There was sudden silence as Otike came into the office wearing a white agbada and black sunglasses.

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