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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 22
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That was what the seer told him, and now he figured that he was already on his way to success since he was not nervous.

But why should he be nervous?

Had he not handled crisis situation before?
As the evening wore on, Pauline gradually slept off, overcome by the combined effects of the drinks and the sleeping tablets.

She had been caressing Dike on her large bed when she eventually dozed off.

On an ordinary night, Dike would have made love to Pauline in her present state of complete surrender. At any rate, just now he remembered that the operation would be over in less than an hour. He looked at his watch. It was quarter to midnight.

As Pauline remained in a deep slumber, Dike rehearsed his plans once more. He was going to put on a cassette at the door of Bamidele’s office and the sound would attract Adimora, the guard. He would then sneak out and knock out Adimora, unlock the safe, and just grab the money and run.

The money would be hiddedn somewhere at the scrap metal junk yard. A few weeks later, he would bank the money or remove it to an equally safe place until things calmed down.


He looked at pauline who was then snoring softly, and smiled. The girl who would get some twenty thousand bucks as he would not marry her, he though.

Well, she deserved the money because she had really become a good friend to him. He glanced at his watch and it was 2.45 a.m.

He rose to his feet, removed his pyjamas and changed to his black agbada. He re-checked his tools for the opeation and they

were complete. At exactly 1p.m., he set of.

He left the apartment silently, and walked down a deserted street. There seemed to be no sign of life in the area as he walked fast, making every effort not to be seen, and heading for Otike’s office.

It took him twenty minutes of fast walking to the entrance to Otike’s office block. As he got nearer, he saw
a light in Ransome Bamidele’s office and knew for certain that Adimora was up there, either smoking or drinking or even sleeping like a dog. He knew that the slightest noise would wake him. He was always vigil.

Dike looked right and then left. The street was like a no man’s land. He crossed the street, entered a dark lobby and took the
elevator to the sixth floor he then walked noiselessly up the steps the rest of the way to Bamidele’s office on the eighth floor.

The job would last only a few minutes and he had to act fast. Reaching the passage that led to Bamidele’s office, he removed an electric bulb there and another one at the end of the passage. The light from Bamidele’s office was very clear from where he was. He brought out his portable tape recorder and put on a cassette.

Then, cosh in hand, he waited.

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