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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 24
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He joined Pauline in the bedroom and changed to his pyjamas. He poured himself a shot of whisky, then another and then a third. He lit a cigarette and walked out to the balcony, feeling on top of the world. After smoking, he turned to the bedroom and began to look at the half-naked Pauline with lust in his eyes.

“Oh, leave me please, I’m tired”, she said groggily when Dike began to caress her.

He paid her no heed, and proceeded to palm her full b—-ts. She began to respond, and moved her hands to allow him more room.

When she started m0an!ng, Dike was rock hard. They made wild and uninhibited love.

Suddenly, Dike remembered his identity card, and felt as if someone had shot him in the back. All officials of Otike
Security Organisation were issued with identity cards; but Dike who didn’t need to use his all the time since
he was well known, had preserved his in his black agbada, the attire he did not frequently use.

He sprang to his feet to Pauline’s bewilderment, and grabbed the agbada.

“I’ve lost my identity card”, he said as Pauline continue to stare at him.

“But why do you need it at this time of the night?” Pauline asked.

Dike ignored her question and continued to search his agbada.

For truly the first time in his life, he felt the cold hands of fear clutching his spine.

Involuntarily, he began to shudder.

“Search for it!”, he barked at Pauline.

The sound of his voice and the expression in his eyes brought Pauline quickly out of bed.

Together they searched the bedroom, then the sitting-room but the ID was not there. He ran back to the bedroom, stuggled into his agbada, and put on his holster.

“What is it, Dike? Please tell me”, Pauline said almost fearfully, completely stunned by the goings-on.

“Go back to bed. My ID card is very important. Wait for me”. And he dashed out of the apartment.

He paused to search the corridor and the elevator, but there was no ID card. He
then went out into the street. By now Dike was shaking visibly. At a point he stopped to drag down lungfuls of air as he tried to control the panic. He remembered the medicine man’s warning, but that was no use now. His ID card, right in Bamidele’s office would betray him, alibi or no alibi!.

He walked to his car, unlocked it, and then paused to think. His ID card could have fallen from his agbada at Bamidele’s office when he was either dealing with adimora or unlocking the safe or even when he was struggling with the
heavy bag of money. He was in a fix.

God Of Mercy!!!!

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