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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Was he cooked!!

All his plans would be shattered. His confident three-year wait was not tenable.

Leaving his ID card in Bamidele’s office was like leaving a signed confession that he had stolen the money!

He got into his car and decided to drive straight to the place before it became too late. There was still a chance, he thought.

Searching for his ignition key, he paused.

Think straight, you fool! He told himself. You can still rectify the wrong. The car is part of your alibi, leave it.

He jumped out again, and started to run down the street.

He must make sure the ID card wasn’t in Bamidele office. If it was found in the elevator, it wouldn’t matter.

But finding it in Bamidele’s office would raise eyebrows since no one was allowed there except the receptionist and the guard on duty.

Now panting, Dike reached the corner of the street that led to Otike’s office. He came to an abrupt halt when he saw two police anti-crime vehicles parked outside the office. He was finished.

Too late to make amends now, he thought.


Adimora had recovered one and half hours after he had been attached and had phoned 199 for emergency.

Within three minutes of the call, police siren cars arrived at the scene.

Even as Dike stood in the shadow, he could see Abubakre and Babatunde looking round the building, gun in hand.

The cops were also searching every nook and cranny and they were scattered all over the place.

Inspector Dele was in charge of the squad, and everyone of them was armed to the teeth.

He called out to
his 2 i.c., Seargent Ejike Mba, to take orders.
“Seargent Ejike!”, he called out.

Dike heard the voice and understood the message as ‘Search for Dike’.

He was now sure that they had discovered his ID card and were looking for him. He looked
acrosss at the scrap metal junk yard. He wanted to cross over there and collect the bag of money and drive away in his car, but he hadn’t the
nerve to go there. The cops might look out of the window and spot him or even his car which was well known.

He would have to go on the run. If he acted fast, he could make it. The money was still safe where it was. He would stay in hiding until the heat was turned off. Then he would sneak back, grab the money and sneak out for good. He knew he was thinking like a fool, but panic and fear had taken the better part of him.

The three drinks of whisky he had taken in quick succession were also working on him.

Within a short interval, more screaming police siren came into his view. His heart was thumping as he stood against the wall watching Otike’s Mercedes 280s as it came to a screeching halt, watched him get out of the car and walk fast, like lightning.

In spite of his bulky size, across the sidewalk and into the building.

He had to get out of town as fast as possible, Dike thought.

Money! If he was to get the money, he was to keep one jump ahead of Otike.

He thought of the money he stashed away in the car dumping groung. That was no use to him now. He would definitely be found out if he tried to rid it up then.

But he needed money to be able to survive in his self-exile.

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