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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Pauline? She had no money.

His mind was racing. Perhaps he was panicking for nothing. The identity card could be anywere. But in his heart of hearts, he was certain he had left it in Bamidele’s office.

Nwabueze? Yeah, Nwabueze! He had said he had about two thousand five hundred naira in his steel box somewhere in the loo.

Dike needed money! He would see Nwabueze.

He started to run down the streets. It was a long run. Nwbueze’s apartment was not so near but he had to see him immediately.

He finally reached Nwabueze’s pad and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He listened, knocked again, then turned the handle. It was locked. He knocked harder but still no reply. A karate kick sent the door flying.

In the room, he searched for Nwabueze but there was no one around. He then remembered that Nwabueze’s mother had been ill and might have been taken to hospital.

He made straigh for The toilet and found the steel box without difficulty. He pushed the box out and was surprised that it wasn’t even locked. He grabbed the N2500 leaving the N50 behind and darted out.

He knew that Nwabueze would be mad about it but assured himselft that he was going to double it when things settled down. He had no alternative now anyway.

Now, to get out of town, he though. He wondered how long it would take the cops to mount road blocks. Here was
the danger but this time he was going to
overome danger.

He was determined to make a getaway, not minding any danger. He had to have a hide-out.

Somewere he could completely lost for at least two months.

But where could he go?

Then the thought of Stanley Roberts, it was an inspired thought. Mr Roberts had been the closest friend of his father. He must be over sixty now. But Dike heard last from him some eight years ago.

He might have died. Anyway, he would check on him.

Mr. Roberts came from Rivers state but lived in his five-room flat at Ogwashi Uku in Bendele state. He could stay there without being detected, he thought.

He glanced at his watch and it was 4.30am.

He would have to snatch a car at gun point and drive to asaba car-park, where he could take a taxi to Ogwashi Uku. But it could be more risky for him because the victim would lodge a report and his tracks would be followed. If he killed the owner of the car, he would also answer to a murder charge in addition to the robbery charge which
he knew would be preffered against him if he was caught.

As he was thinking these things over, he saw the headlights of a car swing into the street, and he stepped back into the shadows. The car pulled up a little distance away…

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