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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 27
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It was a cab! Thank God!

Dike stepped up to the driver of the cab.
“Want to earn thirty naira?” Dike asked softly.

The young man stared at him. “Can i help you?”

“Yes, get me to Asaba car park for thirty naira?”.

“You’ve got yourself a deal. Give me the money and jump in”.

Dike gave him a twenty naira note. “You’ll get the rest when we get there”.

“Good. My name is Ryder. What’s yours?” The young man said.

“Musa”, Dike lied.

“Let’s go”, Ryder said behind the driving wheel.

As he was about engaging the gear, a hand – waved frantically from behind and
when they heard the voice, he waited.

“Please start moving. You’re wasting my time”, Dike said, anger in his voice.

“Let’s know where he’s going” Ryder replied.

“Will you pplease take me to 5B Creek Road”, The approaching man said.

“That’s just along the road we’re taking. Get in” Ryder added.

“No!” Dike snared, rising from his seat. “I do not pay you
for any other person”.

Ryder looked at him and without another word drove off.

The look on Dike’s face frightened him. He drove in silence until Dike interrupted.

“Listen Ryder”, he said. “Be very carefull at the bridgehead and don’t let any goddamn cop disturb our movement. Try to avoid them, alright?”
“Like that huh?. The police bothering you?” Ryder asked.

“I’m not paying you thirty naira for nothing and stop flapping your mouth”, Dike said quietly.

The cold menance in his voice made Ryder stiffen.

At the ontisha bridgehead, the policemen on night duty had gone and Ryder drove straight to Asab car-park. There Dike paid him the
remaining ten naira.

His panic was subsiding gradually.

So far, so good.

Now he would take a taxi to Ogawshi Uku, to Mr. Stanley Roberts and a safe hide-out.

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