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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Otike Abakpo was jolted from sleep by the shrill ring of
the telephone. He pulled the light switch and
glanced at his watch. It was 3.05am and he knew immediately that something
had gone wrong. Nobody would dare wake him up while he was sleeping unless there was an emergency.

He rose to his feet and snatched the receiver. “Yes?”.

“Sir, this is adimora. Someone’s broken in and it looks like some money
was removed from the said. What do i do, boss? I’m in trouble”.

Otike knew Adimora too well. He knew that he was always Drunk, but at least he had brought the message across.

Otike ws furious. Who would dare rob him?

He felt a hot wave of murderous rage sweep through him, but he tried to control his temper.

“Call the police, Adimora”, he said. “Let them know what has happened. I’ll join you soon”.

He dropped the receiver carelessly and stripped off his pyjamas.

He was sleeping with his sixth wife at the time Adimora rang him.

Vero, a slim and attractive woman watched her husband hold a conversation with someone she did not know.

“What is wrong, honey? Why are you leaving me? She said.

“Keep quiet, woman”, Otike snareld.

He shoved his legs into his trousers and struggled into his jacket.

“Is that a nice way to speak to your wife?” she asked.

“Shut up! I have warned you to stop meddling in my Affairs”.

That was the method adopted by Otike towards his wives. He had eight wives. He had sworn not to keep them in the know about his

business. It was an absurdity to him, to discuss his business with his wives. He could do so with his mature sons but definitely not his wives.

Ajana His favourtie son, had travelled overseas in connection with his business engagements. Otike regretted his absence at this particular time.

He left the bedroom and slammed the door after him. He paused to think and then decided to inform Ransome Bamidele
about the trouble.

Entering his study, he rang Bamidele and waited for a couple of minutes before Bamidele came on the line.

“Some bags of money have been removed by unknown person”, Otike told him. “Get to the office immediately with some me”. He hung up.

Vero had followed him silently and she heard every bit of what he told Bamidele. As he was coming out of his
study room, he saw her.

“Why the hell are you following me? Go to bed” he snarled.

“Darling, why not wait till dawn before you leave?” she pleaded.

Otike looked intently at her and she saw something in his eyes. That something always appeared when he was determined, and would not give way to anybody’s protest. She had become aware of even on the first night she knew Otike, before she married him.

“Go to bed, I’m going to my office”. His voice was neither soft nor hard. She left him.

He then unlocked his garage, got into his Mercedes 280s and drove like mad
to his office.

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