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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Ransome Bamidele had obviously came
in a hurrry; he wore his trousers and jacket over his pyjamas
and his hair was not combed.

“I suspect, sir, that this is an inside job, whoever did it obviously had a key to the safe. You can see
that the safe was re-locked after the job”, Bamidele said.

“Have you ascertained the figure missing?”, Otike asked.

“No sir”, Bamidele said.

“Then go and do it, you hunkhead. Get moving”, Otike said.

Ransome Bamidele rushed to the safe and unlocked it.

“Excuse me, sir, the head of the police squad, Inspector Dele, wants to see you”, Babatunde said.

“Get him”, Otike replied without looking at him.

Otike looked round the room like an enraged bull.

Bamidele returned to his boss. “Sir the money removed was the amount collected yesterday”.

Otike bit his lips.

“One million naira is a hell of a lot
of money and you’ll lose
it over my dead body”, he said. “How do i know that the doer did not get the key from you? Is the key not in your

“You know as well as i do that I’ll be the last person
to think of double-crossing you”, Bamidele replied.

Adimora was now lying helplessly on the ground.

“Get him to hospital”, Otike said pointing at him.


Leaving Bamidele’s office, he crossed the passage, unlocked his office door and went in,
followed by Bamidele.

He sat down and searched for whisky in his office drawer, and then lit a cigarette.

“Where’s Dike? I want my best man around. Go and ring him up, b-----d”, Otike snarled at Bamidele.

“He didn’t answer when I called him. Maybe he’s not at home”, Bamidele said.

“Call Abubakre here”, Otike retorted.

Bamidele left and returned seconds later with Abubakre.

“I want you to get Dike here”, Otike said to Abubakre.

“He’s my best man and don’t stand around like a beast; get
him immediately”.

As Abubakre left the office, Bamidele said “We’re in trouble sir, do we
notify the press?”

“No way. It shows the Organisation is weak. We’ll work closely with the
police and track down the culprits”, Otike said.

Otike sat thinking for a long time, his face ugly with rage.

Then inspector Dele came in with some cops probably with some good news……

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