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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 31
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“We would want your
permission to look at the safe sir”, Inspector Dele said staring at Otike.

“With all pleasure”, Otike said seriously.
He thought Inspector Dele had ‘good news’ for him.


They all tropped to Bamidele’s office.

Inspector Dele, a fat freckled-face man who had risen from the ranks, started examining the safe.
Three plain clothes policemen were finger printing.

Adimora and Babatunde has then left for the hospital.

“We’ve receive information from the headquarters that
road blocks are going up”,
Inspector Dele said at length.

“If the culprit hasn’t got away by now, he’ll be caught with
the money”.

Knowing that so much time had been wasted, Otike looked intently at the detective and told him
that it might already be too
late. He had expected more prompt action by the police.


Abubakre Rufai had been told to find Dike. When he got into his 504 Peugeout Saloon, he drove straight to Dike’s house, But there was no sign of Dike’s vehicle.

He then inquired about him and was told that Dike did
not appear to have spent the
night in his house.

He then decided that if Dike
was not in his pad, the most likely place he would
be found would be at
Pauline’s pad.

Abubakre knew that Dike was good with girls. He envied him. Pauline was Abubakre’s idea of a good lay.

He wanted to get a good laugh of battering the
door and getting Dike out of bed.

Perhaps the girl might even come to the door herself half-dressed. He looked forward to that.

He had once spotted Dike and Pauline leaving a restaurant, and becuase he had the feeling for her and had nothing better to do, he had followed them back to
Pauline’s pad.. That was how he knew where Pauline stays.

Abubakre himself had no permanent girl and he had
often imagined himself
in Dike’s position. He believed that his thin stature was not attractive to girls.

In spite of all the food he ate, he found to his utter dismay, that he was not getting

Within a few minutes,
he reached Pauline’s appartment and saw Dike’s car parked outside the block.
He smiled to himself. He pulled up behind Dike’s car.

So Dike was up there with his w---e, Abubakre thought, as he entered the elevator.

Reaching the front door of Pauline’s apartment, he dug his fingers into the bell push and kept it there. There was little delay before the door jerked open and Pauline,

holding a wrapper around her, started at him, terror in her eyes.

“What is it?” she asked him, her voice strident.
“I want to see Dike. Get him out of bed. The boss want’s him now”.
“He’s not here”, Pauline said and made a futile effort to shut the door but Abubakre’s foot blocked the door….

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