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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 32
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“He’s not here”, Pauline said and made a futile effort to
shut the door but Abubakre’s foot blocked the door.

“Stop wasting my time, girl. His car was not parked outside by a ghost. He’s wanted immediately”.

“I’ve told you, he’s not here”, Pauline cried. “Get out of here, he’s not here”.
Abubakre moved his weight forward pushing her

“Then tell me where he is”, he said, grinning wickedly.

“I don’t know”, Pauline said and began to sob.

“But his caris parked outside”, he insisted.
“I don’t know what you are saying. I don’t know anything! Get out of this place”.

Dear Lord! Abubakre thought. It couldn’t have been Dike, No, not Dike…

He swung her around and flung
her down on the bed then bent over her.

For a while, he thought of doing something nasty.

“Don’t let me soften you baby. Talk!” Abubakre said.

Shuddering, Pauline made an effort to get up but Abubakre
was much stronger.

He placed his hand over her face and pushed her back
and then said,
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know”, Pauline sobbed.
He gave her a hard slap on the face, jerking her
head this way and that.

“Come on, baby, spill it, tell me where he is”.

She lay still, stunned by the force of the slap.

Abubakre paused.. He was almost certain the girl was
lying, but on the other
hand, if he was making a mistake
he himself could be in real trouble for Dike would not forgive anybody who manhandled his girl.

He had to be pretty sure. If Dike suddenly came in
and saw the way he had treated his girl, he would be in the soup.

Abubakre was sure of that. He knew that Dike did not
joke with that chick. But there was nothing wrong in
taking her to Otike for interrogation, he reasoned.

“Get dressed baby, the two of us are going to take
a ride”. Abubakre said
“Come on!” he continued, when Pauline did not budge.

Abubakre pulled his gun and shoved the barrel into her

“Are you going to dress up or be blown to pieces?”

Pauline looked at the gun and obeyed.
In less that ten
minutes, they reached Otike’s office.

Abubakre took her
by the hand and they took
the elevator to Otike’s
office floor…….

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